What Access Platforms are Suitable for Tree Surgery?

Posted on: February 16th, 2015

Tree surgery is a trade that is often taken for granted. Tree Surgeons keep our local parks looking clean, natural and trimmed, and also safe. Often performing tree surgery work can be a big risk to the worker, due to the heights involved, and the danger of falling trees.

Often, tree surgery needs to be carried out in areas of rough terrain.  Spider platforms perform well in these situations, their adjustable height legs can provide level surfaces on some rough terrain. Our prices are reasonable and we have solutions for most tree surgery situations, from small recovery and to larger maintenance jobs.

Hiring an access platform for tree surgery jobs can save you a lot of money in maintaining your own access platform, especially if you only use one for occasional work. Using our hiring service could save you money.

Here are some of the machines we have available for tree surgery use, and some information on what jobs they are suitable for:

CS170 17m Spider Access Platform

The CS170 is a low weight spider platform, which can be transported easily on a trailer or a beaver tail. This platform has great off road capabilities and has a gradeability of 31%. This makes the CS170 ideal for tree surgery jobs where space is limited and the ground is rough.

If you are in this situation you can be confident that you can carry out your work safely and properly. The CS170 saves the inconvenience of having to use a lorry where space is limited.  We would highly recommend a spider platform for most tree surgery work.

Teupen 36 GT Spider Access Platform

The Teupen 36GT is ideal for large Tree surgery; it has 36 metres of height and a 14metre outreach. This machine will reach virtually all UK tree canopies. The adjustable caterpillar tracks enable the machine to travel on very steep banking up to 16.7 degrees.  Another outstanding feature is that one track can ride nearly a metre higher than the other.

The 36GT spider is only one of three in the UK available to hire. The remote control is wireless and the outriggers can set up automatically, on very uneven surfaces and banking safely. The Kubota engine offers reliability and can be safely tracked many hundreds of metres into a forest. For internal works the machine has a double electric motor which ensures silent movement at the same speed as with the Kubota engine used on 240V.

CTE Z21 | 21m Truck Mount

Though normally used for street works locations, the CTE Z21 is a truck mounted platform with a Fly Jib this is Fantastic for Tree surgeons who need to “stitch” themselves in and amongst the branches.

If you are looking to hire one of our many access platforms for your tree surgery work, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team who are sure to find you the best deal for your needs and budget.

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