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Our qualified and experienced contract lifting team are strategically placed across the UK to supply contract lifting services across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Elev8’s lifting team have all the experience and qualifications needed to ensure your lift is safely planned and executed.  This experience spans many sectors including telecoms, renewables, heavy industry, heavy civils, aerospace, rail network, construction and the oil and gas industries.   We work in diverse environments including those covered by the top tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) Regulations.  

Our contract lifting team is directly employed and includes

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CPCS Appointed Persons (AP)

CPCS Appointed Persons

Have overall responsibility for the lift. They make all the necessary calculations and create bespoke lifting plans. The AP briefs the Lift Supervisor and attends complex lifts.
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CPCS Lift Supervisors

(also known as Crane Supervisors)

CPCS Lift Supervisors

Have overall responsibility for following the lift plan and executing the lift. They check the paperwork of the lifting equipment, attachments & accessories, and the qualifications of all personnel involved in the lift. They brief the lift plan to the team, make sure all safety precautions identified in the lift plan are in place, and supervise the lift.
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CPCS Slinger / Signallers

CPCS Slinger / Signallers

Agree clear communication signals with all parties involved in the lift. They check the accessories used are those recorded in the lift plan. They sling the load, following the rigging plan and direct the crane operator using agreed signals to ensure loads are moved safely.

A whole team of lifting professionals

When you use Elev8’s contract lifting service you benefit from the expertise of a whole team of professionals with access to a wide range of specialised lifting equipment.  Our qualified lifting team are supported by Elev8’s in-house;

Careers in the lifting industry

We are always on the look out for great people to join our team.  If you’re interested in working for Elev8 take a look at our vacancies page.

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