Telecoms Support

Elev8 have years of experience supporting telecoms projects, helping to build and maintain the telecoms network across the UK.  We approved to work on MBNL sites and to access Cellnex sites using the Agora system. Our systems are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, SafeContractor and IPAF Rental +

Our services encapsulate all the safety aspects of working at height and safe lifting in telecoms projects.  We are a national company supplying access platforms, contract lifting, traffic management and ground protection all over the UK, so if you have projects at multiple locations you don’t need to have more than one supplier.  You could even save money and time with a package of Elev8 services to support your telecoms project.

Our telecoms project experience

Everyday members of the Elev8 team are working on a telecoms project somewhere in the UK, everything from providing safe work at height for repairing a fault to installing a telecoms mast and headframe.   Each telecoms project is unique and Elev8 can supply you with a bespoke package of services to help safely complete your telecoms project efficiently. Some examples of the types of telecoms projects and builds that Elev8’s contract lifting team are experienced with are:

Telecoms Mast with 8 on top

Head frame installation & vendor swaps

Elev8’s experienced contract lifting team provide a fully project managed lifting solution for installing new telecoms head frames, and for removing old head frames and swapping for new.  We know that telecoms masts are placed in a huge variety of locations, and we have the technical expertise and equipment to work safely in all site conditions, however challenging.

Our in-house CPCS qualified lifting team design a bespoke lifting solution specifically for each telecoms head frame project which includes:

✔ Lift plan designed by one of our qualified Appointed Person’s

✔ Lifting equipment with qualified operator

✔ Ground protection (if required)

✔ Safe drop zone

✔ Traffic management (if required)

✔ Tested and certified lifting accessories

✔ Lift supervision by Elev8’s Lift Supervisors

✔ Slinger / Signaller

Telecoms headframe install contract lift in Cambridge
Telecoms lattice tower deconstruction project in Portsmouth

Installation & deconstruction of telecoms masts

We are experienced in supporting the installation of telecoms masts, as well deconstructing obsolete telecoms masts.  Our qualified Appointed Persons survey each project and design a bespoke lift plan which includes selecting suitable lifting equipment for the project, berthing plans, rigging plans and the site-specific controls required to safely complete the project.

As well as providing all the lifting elements for telecoms mast installation or deconstruction projects Elev8 can also support your project with

✔ Installation of temporary roads and trackway for safely getting heavy plant to the telecoms mast

✔ The planning and installation of traffic management and safe drop zones to keep the project team and public safe during lifting operations

✔ Logistics to organise the removal of telecoms mast components to a location of your choice

You can find a case study where the Elev8 team provided safe lifting for the a telecoms mast build in Bedfordshire  here.

Installation & decommission of telecom poles

Elev8 have assisted telecoms clients to safely remove hundreds of legacy streetwork poles from every part of the UK, as well providing lifting services for the installation of new streetwork poles.

✔ Each streetwork pole installation or decommission project is surveyed by one of our qualified Appointed Persons, who designs a bespoke lift plan specifically for your project.

✔ Elev8 supply suitable lifting equipment for the project as well as a qualified operator and certified lifting accessories.

✔ Each lift is supervised by one of our qualified Lift Supervisors.

✔ Our NHSS certified traffic management team provide a comprehensive traffic management service including application and maintenance of permits and streetworks noticing.

✔ Legacy telecoms equipment removed from site is safely transported to a location of your choice.


Telecoms pole decommission contract lift in Glasgow

Telecoms antenna installs, vendor swaps & repairs

Work safely at height on non-climbable poles using a powered access platform.  Our fleet of access platforms provide a safe work at height for installing telecoms antennas, upgrading antennas or repairing high level telecoms equipment. With cage capacities of up to 600 kg our MEWPS (mobile elevating work platforms) can safely lift telecoms engineers as well as the equipment and materials they need to the top of telecoms poles and masts.

✔ Working height of up to 104 metres

✔ Lateral outreach of up to 38.5 metres, useful when you can’t set up directly below a non-climbable telecoms pole.

✔ Cage and boom winches available so telecoms antenna and steel work can be safely lifted outside of the work cage.

✔ Precise positioning of the MEWP cage so your engineers can work safely and comfortably alongside the telecoms pole or mast.

✔ Quick to set up and position, helping you to complete the project faster.

✔ Hire access platforms on a self-drive basis or with one of our experienced MEWP Operators.

Non-accessible roof top sites

When telecoms equipment is situated on non-accessible roof tops Elev8 can provide safe access for your engineers to the roof as well as safely lifting telecoms equipment onto and off roof tops sites.

✔ Safe access solutions to roof top equipment with our fleet of powered access platforms.

✔ Contract lifting of telecoms equipment onto roof tops using mobile cranes.

✔ Lifting cabins or large equipment to and from inaccessible roof top sites using cranes.

✔ Multiple Lift Supervisors or Slinger/Signallers provided if required for the safe lifting of telecoms equipment onto your roof top site.

✔ Experienced at setting up lifting equipment on sites with complicated ground conditions, such as water towers.

✔ Safe drop zones provided.

✔ Traffic management and pedestrian management if required for your telecoms project.

Telecoms roof top contract lift Cambridge May 22
Telecoms Cabin lift and removal in Essex Mar 22

Cabin lifts & logistics

Whether you need a cabin moving from a green field site or from the top of a roof, Elev8’s experienced lifting team are here to help.

✔ Lift plan created by one of our qualified Appointed Persons designed specifically for your cabin lift.

✔ Supply of lifting equipment suitable for your load and site, with a qualified operator.

Temporary road and trackway if required to get heavy plant safely to your site.

✔ Experienced lifting team on site to execute the safe lift of your cabin.

✔ Logistics to safely transport your cabin to site or remove it to a location of your choice.

✔ Safe drop zone if required.

✔ Traffic and pedestrian management if required.

End to end solutions for your telecoms project

We know that telecoms builds and projects are complex operations with lots of elements that need to come together at the right time.  Elev8 are here to help by taking care of more than one component of your project reducing the need for you to deal with lots of different suppliers.  Our full range of services is available throughout the UK, so if you have telecom projects at multiple locations you don’t need to have more than one supplier to provide your access, lifting and traffic management needs.

If you would like to find out more about how Elev8 can support your telecom builds and projects, or for a survey of your site please contact us.  You can also download our telecoms support brochure here.

Safe work at height

Experts in work at height we have the expertise and equipment to ensure your work at height is done safely and efficiently.  More details of our fleet of specialist access platforms here.

Cranes & contract lifting

Our in-house CPCS qualified contract lifting team deliver fully project managed lifting solutions designed specifically for your project. Find out more about our contract lifting service here.

Lifting with MEWPs

Save money and time using one piece of equipment to work safely at height and lift materials.  Find out more about lifting with MEWPs here.

Engineering Solutions

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Traffic Management

Elev8’s NHSS certified traffic management team provide a comprehensive traffic management service for any size project throughout the UK.  Find out more here.

Ground protection

Move heavy plant and vehicles safely over soft ground with Elev8 temporary roads and trackway, capable of supporting up to 150 tonnes.  Find out more here.