Lifting with MEWPS

Lifting with MEWPS can save money and reduce the need for additional plant on site

Advantages of lifting with MEWPS

Unlike most lifting equipment MEWPS (mobile elevating work platforms) are designed to safely lift people.  With  proper planning and where safe carrying capacity allows MEWPS can be used to lift equipment and materials at the same time as providing a platform for your engineers to safely work from.

Save money if your load can be lifted by MEWP rather than a crane

One piece of lifting equipment for people and materials simplifies the lifting operation

Reduction in space needed for plant

Reduce the amount of traffic management needed when working on the highway

Provides a safe platform for working at height

The MEWP cage can be precisely positioned exactly where you need to work

Our MEWP operator can swiftly and safely re-position the access platform

Lifting accessories

Each lifting project is unique and the type of materials and equipment our clients need to lift varies vastly.  To account for different shape and sizes of load we have specialist lifting accessories available which have been specifically designed for our MEWPs.

S35EM powered access platform with cage winch in Reading

Cage winches

Cage winches attach to the MEWP cage. We have several cage winches options, including electric or manual winches with carrying capacities up to 400Kg.

S56XR truck mounted access platform with boom winch

Boom winches

Elev8’s boom winches safely lift loads up to 1300Kg. They are designed by the MEWP manufacturers and recognised by the truck’s telemetry.

Lifting frame for materials lifting fitted to MEWP basket

Lifting brackets

Adjustable framework that attaches to the outside of the MEWP basket. Used for carrying bulky materials such as panes of glass or signage.

Safely planning and executing your lift

Lifting operations can be complex and potentially dangerous it, takes expertise and experience to plan, supervise and carry them out safely.    If you don’t have a qualified lifting team it makes sense to hand over responsibility to a specialist.

Elev8’s contract lifting team have years of experience in safe lifting operations and working safely at height.   We deliver bespoke contract lifting solutions which are safe, cost effective and designed specifically for your project.    

When you use Elev8’s contract lifting service you benefit from the expertise of a whole team of professionals with access to a wide range of specialised lifting equipment.  Find out more about our contract lifting service here.

Whatever you need to lift Elev8 can help you to do it safely

If your project involves lifting and you would like to hire lifting accessories with a MEWP, please get in touch with our hire desk team.  We offer a site survey to help you select which lifting solution and lifting equipment is the is the right for your project and site conditions.

The lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations
Access platform lifting stone components for the restoration of St Thomas's in Wells
Contract lifting with a boom winch
Lifting glass using an access platform and winch

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