Safe and professional gutter & roof cleaning

Block gutters can lead to leaking roofs and damage to your building.  Keeping your gutters clean and rainwater flowing away from your roof helps avoid costly roof repairs.  Cleaning gutters is not an easy task, especially for tall buildings.  By their very nature gutters are mounted at height and any work at height needs to be planned and done carefully to prevent accidents occurring. 

Here at Elev8 we have a whole team of experienced professionals to safely clean your gutters and roofs.

Professional gutter cleaning equipment and commercial gutter cleaning vacuums

Experienced and trained team who are specialists in work at height

A whole fleet of powered access equipment

Rope Access IRATA trained rope access technicians 

Qualified and experienced in-house health and safety professionals

NHSS certified traffic management service, for safely cleaning gutters that are close to the highway

CTE ZED 23.3 JH cherry picker used for gutter cleaning in Yorkshire

Cleaning gutters safely

Without the proper equipment and training cleaning gutters can be a risky business, especially when they are mounted at height.  Guttering is not generally designed to take the weight of a person, and it is not safe to lean a ladder against gutters without a specialist attachment.

How we clean your gutters depends entirely on your building and site. Each gutter cleaning project is fully risked assessed before we begin work, and a method designed to access and clean your gutters safely.

We are specialists at working at height and have a whole fleet of powered access platforms and qualified MEWP Operators to clean your gutters safely, however high or difficult they are to get to.  If the design of your site means a MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) can not set up below your gutters, our IRATA trained rope access team can safely access even complicated gutter designs.

Professional gutter vacuum

Gutter cleaning service using gutter vacuum

Cleaning gutters up to 40 feet in the air whilst keeping our feet on the ground. Our powerful gutter vacuums suck out leaves, grass and other debris and can unclog some blockages.

Cleaning gutters & roofs by hand

T720 access platform extending over a roof

Complex architectural designs can make it difficult to clean the gutters of some buildings and we need to get close to gutters and clean them by hand.  We have a fleet of specialist MEWPS with trained operators so our team can work safely whilst cleaning your gutters.

Why clean out your gutters?

Plants and young trees can grow in the silt and leaves collected in gutters.  If not removed these blockages can cause leaking gutters which can lead to water collecting and working its way into your roof or building walls causing leaks and damage.  Left to build up, the weight of the debris can also damage the guttering itself.

The cost of cleaning your gutters is easily recouped when you think of the potential costs of repairing damage caused by blocked gutters.  We have helped one University campus reduce roof repair costs by 50% with a twice-yearly gutter cleaning program.

It is advisable to clean gutters twice a year to keep them from getting blocked.   For buildings sited in an area with trees gutters should be cleaned out after leaves have finished falling.   For gutters that are prone to silt building up the beginning of spring is a good time to clean to stop plants taking root.

SAVE MONEY - combine gutter cleaning with other high-level cleaning or maintenance

It could save you money to get other high-level cleaning and maintenance work done at the same time as cleaning your gutters.  Our team can help keep your building well maintained by

  • cleaning the externals of your gutters
  • cleaning soffits
  • cleaning facias
  • cleaning your roof (including moss removal)
  • remedial roof repairs (such as repairing ripped felt)
  • remedial gutter repairs

It is also a good idea to have your windows cleaned following gutter cleaning, as the debris removed can splatter windows.  We provide a comprehensive window cleaning service which can be performed by the same team that clean your gutters.

If you are looking for a professional and safe gutter cleaning service please get in touch.

Leo 23GT tracked access platform cleaning gutters

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