Our IRATA trained rope access team offer a solution for high rise buildings with difficult access.

Our services

If you are looking for a rope access company our rope access team are all IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) qualified.  They are supervised by our own IRATA Level 3 Technicians.

Each abseil job is inspected by one of our rope access specialists to determine the safest method of access to fit your requirements.  A risk assessment and written plan of works is created and reviewed by the abseil team at the start of each rope access project.

Our rope access team can anchor to your buildings certified attachment points. If these are not available other options that may be suitable include our own portable abseil rigs, A-Frames, parapet trolleys, weight trolleys or the super structure of the building.

Some of rope access service that our rope access teams can provide are:

  • Abseiling window cleaning
  • Rope access cleaning
  • External building cleaning
  • Cladding cleaning
  • Soft maintenance
  • High level building painting
  • Pigeon deterrents
  • Roof works
  • Siliconing
  • Sign installation
  • Replace or adjust high level light bulbs
  • High level glazing and window frame inspections
  • High level building inspections
  • Advice about rope access at planning and design stage
Arts tower abseil window cleaning

Why rope access might be the safest access method to complete your project

Sometimes the design of a building or restrictions at ground level mean that that the higher levels cannot be safely accessed from the ground.  Our rope access service can offer a solution for high rise buildings with difficult access.  Example  scenarios where rope access may be the safer and more practical option for accessing your high level areas are;

  • High levels of traffic at ground level make it unsafe for a MEWP to set up.
  • The area below does not have sufficient safe load limit to allow access equipment to safely set up.
  • There is not enough space to set up an access platform at ground level.
  • Obstructions below your work area mean access equipment can’t be set up.
  • Construction design manuals may dictate that the building was designed to have rope access.
  • No knock on implications for example road closures for using a MEWP.

Our rope access team have experience of a wide variety of buildings, supplying rope access services to universities, health care, commercial, residential and government sector.  If you would like to find out more about our rope access service or if you would like a survey of your building, please contact us.

If you are a trained rope access technician interested rope access jobs please see our vacancies page

Abseil window cleaning in Sheffield city centre

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