MEWP Innovations

Here at Elev8 Access Platforms we work closely with the leading MEWP Manufacturers to source the latest innovations in MEWP technology to add to our hire fleet.

Obtaining the best and most useful MEWP innovations for our clients will always be a work in progress for Elev8.  Some of the key innovations that already exist in our current MEWP hire fleet to make your work at height job safer and more efficient are detailed below.

Electric motors for fume free work at height

There are some working at height jobs where a diesel engine creating fumes would be unsafe.   Some examples of these jobs are:

  • Working at height inside arenas
  • High level jobs in workshops
  • Access solutions in factory production halls
  • High level access in internal atriums.
  • High level work on ships for prolonged periods of time where the DPF is logged and a MEWP diesel engine would be unable to work for long periods
  • High level work on sites that have restrictions on diesel engines for safety reasons


To solve this problem, we have a selection of tracked access platforms and truck mounted MEWPs that can operated on both diesel and electric power.  Our tracked access platforms have a working height of up to 36 meters and can be hired on an operated or self-drive basis.  If your job requires a larger working height our Bronto S56XR truck mounted MEWP has a three phase 400V electric motor.  Once plugged in on site this motor is capable of powering the hydraulic system of this MEWP enabling our operator to turn the diesel engine off to prevent the production of fumes.

MEWPs providing safe access for crane inspections

Equipment lifting Solutions

As well as a safe platform for lifting people MEWPs can also be used to lift equipment to work at height.  This is very useful for example where an engineer is requiring a safe working platform to install equipment at height.  If one MEWP can safely lift both the engineer and their equipment it can both increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Some examples of our MEWP accessories that are designed to make equipment lifting safer and more efficient are:

The Bronto Boom winch

This MEWP winch has a safe lifting capacity of  1300 kg.  It is fitted to the boom itself leaving the MEWP basket free for safely lifting passengers and providing a safe working platform for you work at height job.


This winch can be fitted onto our S56-XR MEWPs or our S70XR  It plugs into the computer system of the access platform and automatically adjusts the safe working envelope of the MEWP during the lift.

MEWP boom winch for safely lifting materials

The Bronto cage winch

This is a  hydraulic winch with a 300 kg safe lifting capacity which is fitted to the outside of the MEWP cage leaving the basket free to safely lift passengers and provide a safe working platform for you work at height.


The cage winch can be fitted onto our S56-XR and S70XR MEWPs.

MEWP cage winch for safely lifting equipment and materials

The lift up system

This is a metal frame work that attaches to the MEWP basket.  Bulky materials such as panes of glass, signage or other equipment can be safely secured into the adjustable lift up system.  These materials are safely lifted outside the MEWP cage freeing the basket it self for safe lifting of passengers and a safe working platform from which to complete your work at height job.


These frames can be fitted onto the MEWP basket of truck mounted MEWPs which have a chassis of  over 7.5 tonnes.

MEWP lift up system for safely lifting bulky equipment




Aerial filming attachments

Our MEWP hire fleet has several attachments designed to make aerial filming safer and help the camera person to produce smooth film footage from an elevated platform.

Camera cage & Camera Mounts

Our specialist camera cage can be mounted onto either our S56-XR MEWPs  or  S70XR. The cage has camera mountings and a seat for the camera person’s comfort.  It can be revolved by the passengers and makes filming all-round aerial footage smooth and easy for your camera person.



The access platform basket provides a comfortable and solid surface for the camera operator, and the camera itself can be mounted onto the camera mount built onto the MEWP cage of a selection of our access platforms.  This gives a safe and steady mounting for camera equipment.

Camera Cage Bronto

Lighting Rigs (Wendy rig)

Our Wendy Rig is a metal lighting rig that it attached to the MEWP basket.  It is used to attach lighting arrays which are then lifted precisely where you want them by our MEWP operator.


With safe working loads of up to 600 kg our MEWP mounted lighting rigs provide an excellent solution for lighting up your film set.

MEWP film lighting rig

Here at Elev8 we believe in investing in MEWP innovations and features which will make our MEWP hire customers lives easier.  As well as the innovations above we have access platforms with electrical supplies available in the MEWP basket and access platforms with a water fed booms to make high level cleaning operations safer.

If you would like to find out more about how our specialist MEWP hire service could assist you with safe work at height please contact us.