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Established lifting equipment and crane supply network across the UK

Elev8 have an established crane supply network across the UK and a fleet of specialist lifting equipment and accessories to utilise for your lifting project.  All lifting equipment is supplied with a qualified operator and has thorough examinations to comply with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

Selecting the right lifting equipment for your project

When planning a contract lift one of Elev8’s Appointed Persons (AP) carefully selects lifting equipment, attachments and lifting accessories specifically for your project.  They consider both the load and the environment in which the lift will take place to ensure that lifting equipment is of adequate strength and stability to complete your lift safely. 

Truck mounted MEWP hire

Truck mounted cranes with winches

Providing a combination of safe work at height and safe lifting, Elev8 MEWPS (mobile elevating work platforms) can be hired with a winch which can safely lift up to 1200 kg.

Logistics for bulky telecoms equipment

Hydraulic lorry loaders

Built to lift and transport heavy loads, hydraulic lorry loaders (HIABS) are ideal when you have heavy or bulky items that need lifting and transporting elsewhere.

Liebherr MK140 mobile tower crane for hire

Mobile tower cranes

Compact and quick to set up, mobile cranes can be used in a wide variety of locations including city centres, sites with limited set up space and green field sites.

Tracked access crane for hire

Tracked mini cranes

Also known as spider cranes or mini crawler cranes, these compact cranes are ideal for sites with limited set up space or restricted access. Tracked cranes can travel across rough ground and set up where the ground loading would not support larger cranes.

All terrain mobile crane lifting telecoms tower in Scotland

All terrain cranes

The lifting power of a mobile tower crane with off-road capability. These cranes are useful for lifting projects that are sited on grass, open ground or for lifting projects that take place in the countryside.

City centre roof top lift using a mobile crane

City centre cranes - small & flexible

Useful for lifting in city centres and towns where set up space is limited. These cranes have long ranges, high payloads and flexible application possibilities.

Supervising lifting equipment

Experienced Elev8 Lift Supervisors attend every contract lift.   They check the paperwork of lifting equipment, attachments and accessories, and the qualifications of all personnel involved in the lifting operation and ensure that the lift plan is followed.

Elev8 are experts in safe work at height, with years of experience in safe access and lifting.  Our CPCS qualified contract lifting team are ready to deliver a fully project managed contract lifting solution designed specifically for your project.  Contact us to discuss your lifting requirements.

Cambridge lifting service telecoms headframe installation

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