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Contract Lifting

Elev8 are experts at safe working at height.   We have years of experience in safe access and lifting, and use this to deliver fully project managed contract lifting solutions.   As well as having a fleet of in-house specialist lifting equipment and accessories available our contract lifting team have a wealth of knowledge about safe lifting.  Each lifting project is unique, and Elev8’s Appointed Person’s use their experience and skill to find innovative lifting solutions which are safe, cost effective and designed specifically for your project and your timescales.

Elev8’s contract lifting service

Elev8’s team have a “can-do” attitude which is why we are the first choice for our clients when it comes to contract lifting.  Each lifting project is unique, and our team of Appointed Persons (AP’s) have the experience and qualifications to design a safe lifting plan specifically for your project.  Our contract lifting service includes:

  • Detailed physical survey of your lifting project
  • Selection and provision of crane, winch, spider crane, glass lifter, HIAB etc.
  • Lifting plan created by one of our qualified Appointed Person’s (AP)
  • Berthing plans & side elevations
  • Rigging plan
  • Provision of risk assessment & step by step method statement specifically for your project (RAM’s)
  • The appropriate crane or lifting equipment for your project and a qualified operator
  • Fully tested and certified lifting accessories (e.g. slings, shackles, lifting beams)
  • In-house team of fully trained personal to undertake the lift
  • Contract lift supervision by a qualified Crane Supervisor
  • Provision of a qualified Slinger / Signaller
  • Communication method appropriate for your project

Complete contract lifting and engineering solutions

Each contract lifting project is unique and depending on site location and conditions additional safety measures may be needed.  Elev8 can make your lifting project easier to manage by providing additional services such as:

Elev8’s contract lift team.

Our contract lifting team are experienced in lifting solutions as well as CPCS qualified.  Elev8’s lifting team have the skills and knowledge to deliver your contract lifting project safely and within timescales.  Our contract lifting team comprises of:

  • CPCS Appointed Persons who plans the lift and creates a bespoke lifting plan for your project. If the lift is complex one of our Appointed Person’s attends site on the day of the lift and has overall control of the lifting operation.
  • CPCS Slinger/Signallers (also known as a banksman) who attends the lift and guides the crane on and off site. They work with the lifting equipment to attach and detach the load, direct the crane’s operation and movement to ensure that loads are moved safely.
  • CPCS Crane Supervisors who is responsible for supervising lifting operations and for following the lifting plan which has been prepared by the Appointed Person (AP). The Crane Supervisor checks the paperwork and ensures the berthing plan is followed.
  • CAD drawing team that will produce precise AUTO-CAD drawings of the lift plans.

Lifting equipment

Here at Elev8 we have a fleet of specialist lifting equipment and accessories to utilise for your lifting project.  We regularly use the following equipment for contract lifting:

  • Truck mounted cranes and winches
  • All terrain cranes
  • Spider cranes
  • Crawler cranes
  • Tower cranes

At the start of every job we check that all lifting equipment and accessories have been inspected to comply with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and that all crane operators and members of the lift team have the appropriate qualifications.

Contract lifting solutions for any project

Elev8 provide safe lifting solutions for any lifting project whatever the size, anything from a contract lift using a 200Kg winch all the way up to contract lifts that require 500 tonne cranes.   We are the go-to contract lifting provider to our partners in the telecoms industry, and have lots of experience providing contract lifting solutions for many different applications.  Some examples of our work include:

  • Antenna lifts for mobile telecoms
  • Full street-pole installation for the telecoms industry
  • Roof installations for building and construction clients
  • Lifting large panes of glass for installation at height
  • Full offshore mobilisations and contracts lifts for the offshore industry
  • Maintaining jack up vessels and offshore cranes


If you would like to speak to a member of our contract lifting team or have a free survey of your lifting project contact us.

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