Temporary Roads & Trackway

For projects and events where you need to travel over or work on soft ground you may need a temporary road or ground protection installing, to allow the safe movement and access for vehicles, equipment and people.

Elev8 provide trackway suitable for either vehicles or pedestrians for projects of any size throughout the UK.  Our team make ground protection easy by planning, delivering and quickly installing temporary roads and pedestrian walkways when and where you require them.  We leave them in place for as long as you need, then once your event or project has finished our team will come and remove the trackway.

We plan, supply and install trackway where ever you need it in the UK.  Whether you are England, Scotland or Wales we can provide you with:

  • Safe pedestrian walkways at concerts and events
  • Installation of temporary roads for events situated on soft ground
  • Temporary roads for transportation of heavy loads and equipment
  • Parkway and turning areas
  • Working pads for heavy equipment
  • Trackway for delivering heavy equipment to off road projects
  • Ground protection for projects sited on soft ground
  • Crane surfaces
  • Helipads
Ground protection Trackway for telecoms lifting project Liverpool
Ground protection L Series Trackway lifting project Liverpool

Trackway system

Elev8 use the world leading Isokons trackway system for creating temporary roads and trackway.  We have two options, both with IsoTraction® surface designed for superior traction.

L Series trackway

  • Support vehicle and equipment weights of up to 80 tonnes*
  • Two different traction surfaces, one for vehicles and one for pedestrian use.
  • IsoTraction surface designed to provide the best vehicle tyre traction on the market.
  • Unique elongated connector hole design to compensate for linear expansion and contraction during extreme temperature changes.
  • Man-handable mat – making it quick and easy to install
  • Compression moulded high performance thermoplastic material resistant to chemicals and oil and is UV protected
  • Flexible but tough and durable mat for long life use
  • 100% recyclable at end of life

    H Series Trackway

    • Support vehicle and equipment weights of up to 150 tonnes*
    • IsoTraction® surface design for superior traction
    • Mats gently flex with ground contours – no ground preparation required
    • Prevent severe rutting and damage – avoid ground reinstatement costs
    • Prevent vehicles and equipment from  getting bogged down – keep your project running and avoid delays
    • Flexible but tough and durable mat for long life use
    • 100% recyclable at end of life


      *Load capacity is dependent on ground conditions.

      Temporary road laid across a field in Somerset
      Heavy duty ground protection

      If you are planning an event or a project located on soft ground and require temporary roads, temporary pedestrian paths or trackway please contact us for a survey.