Work Access Platforms for Hire – The Benefits of Using Elev8 for Access Platform Rental

There are a large number of powered access platforms that can be used for any number of purposes. They come in a variety of sizes and options from a small spider cherry picker to much larger truck mounted platforms.


Working platforms can be used to access street lighting and the exterior of buildings when other forms of access are not a viable option. Working platforms can also be used for accessing trees, power lines, and other elevated positions. Part of the problem that customers may have when choosing powered access platforms is the various names that each style possesses.


Many scissor lifts and powered access platforms are available that are self-drive. Lifts like the small cherry picker are self-drive lifts and the user only requires a standard driving license to be able to drive the lift. The small cherry picker hire is suitable for jobs where height is needed in a relatively compact space. When choosing  access platforms for hire the most important consideration will be the working height of the lift, ranging from 19m to 31m.


The 30.9m van mounted cherry picker can be driven with a standard driving license but only a pre-1997 driving license. This particular model is the largest available self-drive unit that can be driven on a 7.5 tonne chassis, making it ideal for the bigger jobs where you may need hire access platforms to self-drive. The electric motor also means that this model operates silently so it can be used in situations where silence is essential. This makes the cherry picker hire option especially beneficial when used in residential areas where noise may be an issue.


Our cherry pickers feature an articulating boom which is excellent for reaching difficult spaces, such as working on a tall building or working with trees. The telescoping boom allows the arm and platform to move considerably on the truck mount and the basket will rotate too. This combined with the speed that the machine operates means that our 30.9m truck mounted access platforms offer exceptional working time and provide a very useful area for working on virtually any type of elevation.


Contact Elev8 Platforms or book online for cherry picker hire prices and our range of cherry pickers for hire. We have a wide range of access platform rental options, from genie access platforms and spider access platforms to larger hires like the Ruthmann T330 and WUMAG machines.

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