Versatility – A small cherry picker with big ambitions

Posted on: March 17th, 2014

The most commonly used and highly sought-after elevated access platform is the cherry picker. 

A small cherry picker is used by many different companies and authorities to fulfil many different jobs and functions. Although it was originally designed to be used in orchards to allow fruit-pickers to reach the high branches of trees – often where the best produce was growing, it has since been adapted to more urban uses. 

A local council will use a small cherry picker to replace bulbs in streetlights and other maintenance jobs that require accessing difficult to reach places, or require mobility that simply using a ladder will not be able to provide. These can be everything from installing and maintaining electrical/telephone wires in neighbourhoods to hanging Christmas lights and banners in towns and cities.

Documentary and film makers use them to hang lights on film sets or to create interesting camera angles, Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ was filmed with a small cherry picker to create the angle and get the elevation that has made the video so iconic in the music video industry. 

They are commonly used by Tree Surgeons to create a safe environment to work in in trees that are difficult to climb or too tall to work in without a platform. 

Many fire engines now carry a small cherry picker instead of a ladder due to their increased mobility, it also makes rescuing people a lot safer than carrying down a ladder in a ‘fireman’s lift’. On a related note, they are used in theme parks to rescue people who get stuck on roller coasters, however rare that is.

A small cherry picker was used to create the Mayor of London’s ‘Hatwalk’ in 2012, where hats were placed on the City’s most iconic platforms as part of a creative idea to celebrate Britain’s Millinery (hatmaking) heritage and talent. Hats were placed on icons such as William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill, even Lord Admiral Nelson in Trafalgar Square was hatted by the same company that make his original hat, Lock & Co. which was founded in 1676 and is the oldest Hatters in London.

A small cherry picker can reach up to 10 meters, although different brands may offer different definitions depending on their range and intended use. Whatever size you need, cherry pickers will continue to be as versatile and useful for everything as they have proved themselves to be in the past.


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