Elev8 Becomes First to Bring the Bronto 56XR to the UK

Posted on: March 18th, 2015

We are pleased to announce the delivery of our latest machine the Bronto 56 XRanother UK first for Elev8.


As the market leader in the UK for the supply of Truck mount access platforms, we have another UK first to go alongside the Ruthmann T72, Ruthmann T38, and the Bronto 50m XDT-J.   We are the first company to take delivery in the UK of a new Bronto 56 XR.


The Bronto 56 XR has a World record 40 metre outreach and a relatively light weight Scania P360 6×4, 26 ton chassis. This is the best performing Mid-range truck mount in the world, and one of the most reliable trucks around.

The XR 56 is relatively compact for a truck at 3.7m high in transport mode, and under 12m long. This truck is going to reach the jobs that would have been previously impossible to reach, with its massive up and over outreach all around, side, front and back of the truck. The machine is ideal for roofing, construction, crane maintenance, wind farms and anywhere that requires a large outreach.


Bronto 56XR


With the reliability and durability of the machine’s build quality, our clients can be safe in the knowledge they are hiring the absolute best in engineering. From both a technical and safety point of view.


The Bronto 56 XR, has a variety of attachments to help clients in all circumstances. There is a Hydraulic Generator on board, meaning that we can create our own power for tools in the basket, in either 110v or 240v. This is a fantastic feature for clients who work in remote areas and struggle to find power points for charging tools.


Along with the CW300 cage winch (which we were the first to have on our Bronto XDT-J) our Bronto 56 XR also has an all new BW1300 boom winch that can lift items up to 1300 Kg. This enables the machine to perform lifting operations and access platform operations all at once for weights up to 1300 Kg. This can save thousands on jobs where cranes and multiple vehicles were previously used.


One of the best and safest features of the machine is its Skylink system where remote technical engineers can dial into the machine for fault finding and maintenance, should the machines ever show error codes and fail-safes. The dial up can even take place on a different continent, meaning an engineer will always be available if you are working in inaccessible areas.


The new Bronto 56 XR really has set a new standard in the Mid-Range Truck mount market and we are pleased to be the first in the Great Britain to offer this World record holding machine.


Call Julie on the  hiredesk today for a quote: 0845 274 3627 and ask for the new XR


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