Tracked Access Platforms and Working Platform Hire

Tracked access platforms are designed to give access to even the most difficult terrain; they are especially useful for forestry work and also in situations where you cannot leave black marks that are typically left behind when driving a truck with tyres over a variety of terrain types.


Nationwide Tracked Access Platform Hire:


Our Tracked access platforms are available to be hired nationwide. The access platforms are regularly maintained, prepped and ready to be hired, making our access platforms reliable and trustworthy. Tracked access platforms are capable of helping you gain access to high places in a tightly restricted space, giving you a safe platform to carry out work.


Browse the catalogue of spider rental products or see a cherry picker for hire for similar sized machines.


Tracked Access Platforms Available:


Tracked Access Platforms

The Hinowa Lightlift 19.65 from Elev8 Platforms is one such mobile access platform that can offer everything you require from your platform hire. This machine is a variety of spider access platform, this can be used for indoor atriums as well as outdoor areas. Its compact size makes it an ideal working platform for indoor use, allowing you to reach difficult places such as a ceiling safely and efficiently.


Spider platforms often don’t have wheels and this means that it needs to be transported via trailer. This also means that the platform hire will not tear up grass, earth, or other ground and so it can be used comfortably both outdoors and indoors. It can prove especially useful for forestry work for this very reason, leaving a little impression in the ground where the spider was.


These spider rental machines don’t leave the black tyre marks on the ground that would be left by other access platforms, especially larger truck mounted platforms. This makes the platform hire viable for use on indoor atriums where it is vital that the surface not only be left in one piece but in good condition too. Another benefit of this spider rental is that it has an electric engine, which means that the working platform operates extremely quietly. This can often be important especially when working indoors where noise may be amplified.

Tracked Access Platforms




Tracked working platforms like a small spider are ideal for many situations where reach in a small space is required.. They provide certain advantages that other types of working platforms do not offer. Their electric engine and lack of tyres makes them useful for leaving little sign that they were present on a job, leaving the floor in the same condition it was before the working platform was placed on it.


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