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Posted on: May 31st, 2017

What is the world’s tallest cherry picker?

The tallest cherry picker in the world is arguably the Bronto S112HLA- the largest cherry picker ever built. A monster machine that’s been used to build roller coasters, clean wind turbines and put out fires in skyscrapers, the S112HLA can pluck up to 700kg off the ground and carry it a staggering height. Whether you’d like to sit on the roof of Big Ben or skip the steps on the great pyramid of Giza, this leviathan can outreach any cherry picker in the business- and is trusted by governments to do the jobs- or save lives- when nothing else is up to the task. Cities continue to grow upwards as well as outwards, the challenges for emergency services demand more and more innovative technologies to reach areas most vehicles can’t. It’s so tall its status as a cherry picker is debatable-this is a multi-purpose high altitude equipment platform that carries a lot more than just personnel. Able to perform tasks far beyond the limit of an ordinary cherry picker, this is a powerful piece of kit used by the largest fire services and industrial giants.


How tall is the world’s tallest cherry picker?

The tallest cherry picker in the world by over 27 feet, the Finnish-built Bronto scrapes the sky at 367 feet. It’s not just about height, though- the Bronto can bend to a 90 degree angle 290 feet off the ground, making it incredibly versatile for accessing hard-to-reach rooftops or getting firefighters to the specific floor when no other means of entry is possible. Mounted on a monstrous 82-ton truck for extra stability, the S112HLA is the largest cherry picker currently in service, and one of the most versatile pieces of kit the world’s emergency services can fall back on when the job of saving lives requires something that can reach the highest floors of modern superstructures. Today’s emergency services have unprecedented access to helicopters, drones and in some cases even airships- but sometimes hardware on the ground is needed for the safest & fastest ingress for first responders- where helicopters can’t reach, the world’s tallest cherry picker steps up. The S112HLA isn’t just used for emergencies, though- as progress drives engineering even further into the sky, advances technology demands more and more dependable, versatile & innovative technology to keep up. As the largest cherry picker available the Bronto S112HLA has come to play a crucial role in maintaining next generation tech like radio towers and wind farms- where incredibly advanced high-voltage generators meet high altitude building with important implications for infrastructure that leave no room for error. With its off road-ready truck platform and the ability to haul a team of experts and their equipment hundreds of feet into the air, the Bronto Skylift can provide a stable base from which any onshore turbine can be repaired or maintained.


Whether you’re an engineer or a first responder, the tallest cherry picker in the world gives you the reach to get the job done- however, given the rapid advance of modern building it seems likely engineers are even now building a monster machine to usurp the title of world’s tallest cherry picker. While the next generation will be even taller & more versatile, whatever comes to claim the title of largest cherry picker will be a reflection of the speed of scientific progress as architects and builders continue to push the limits of engineering. Most of all, we in the industry look forward to seeing the development of the next machine to hold the title of world’s tallest cherry picker.



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