Spider Platforms – What’s their purpose?

Posted on: April 17th, 2014

Spider platforms are small, versatile working platforms that are designed to provide access to places where a

traditional boom or scissor lift would not be able to reach.


They are designed to access confined spaces (often being able to fit through a standard sized door) and be extremely

movable, providing access to places where, without spider platforms, it would be extremely difficult to do any kind of

work at height, maintenance or otherwise.


Our Spider platforms are all bi-fueled, meaning, we can use them outside with the diesel or petrol engines and also

inside, creating zero emissions with the electrical engine and can easily be switched between the two options.

Some spider platforms are available with caterpillar tracks, meaning they can still be put to good use on all kinds of

terrain. This is perfect for performing maintenance work if you have to work outside or on a surface that would be

unsuitable for a truck mounted lift or even a small cherry picker. Examples like forestry work, building sites, working

on steps and gradients.


The lightweight design of spider platforms means that, even if you have to operate it on very loose terrain, it will

remain secure and not compromise floor loadings in most cases.


This lightness and low gross weight makes them perfect to use internally, such as for interior commercial work like

painting and decorating, Xmas decorations, electrical work, lighting etc. Spider platforms will remain secure on

wooden floors that are rated for them and can be easily brought inside a building, unlike large booms or scissors lifts

that simply wouldn’t be able to access inside buildings.


The versatility of spider platforms means they can go over or under obstacles to reach those difficult places. This is

extremely handy if you are working in woodland or in an old building where there may be branches or struts in the

way of your goal, like a church. A spider platform can simply be manoeuvred around the obstruction instead of having

to remove it or find a different access point. The narrowest that we run is only 0.71m wide.


Spider hire will safe you a lot of inconvenience and hassle by avoiding scaffolding. If scaffolding is required it can

be costly, time consuming and have an adverse affect on the rest of the project, which may have to cease completely

while scaffolding is in place. Spider hire means you can get around this problem, and continue to work on your project

to meet deadlines or budgets on time.


Spider platforms are available from 12metre to 50 metre high.

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