Santa Claus is coming to Doncaster Hospital!

When Elev8 received a call from a fellow access company asking for help to make the children’s Christmas party at Doncaster Hospital go with a swing we were happy to supply both the MEWP and a qualified Santa to operate the platform.

Covid-19 has made life so much harder for everyone, but especially those having to stay in hospital.  Because visitors are limited, the poorly children staying in hospitals this Christmas cannot have visits to the ward from Santa to keep them in good cheer.

The children’s ward at Doncaster Hospital came up with the excellent idea of having Santa fly by outside the window to cheer up the children during their Christmas eve party. Of course Santa’s reindeer need to get their rest ready for tonight’s present deliveries, so Elev8’s Bronto S35EM access platform provided safe carriage for Santa and his two elves.

A huge thank you for Elev8’s very own Santa Bob for being such a good sport, you look amazing in a Santa suit.  And thank you to and Jo & Amanda the Elves from Lincs Hire & Sales for organising and involving us in this lovely little venture.

We truly hope we brightened up the day of the children and NHS staff at Doncaster Hospital.


Merry Christmas to you all

The Elev8 Team.

Cherry picker providing access at a hospital
S35EM cherry picker Doncaster Hospital Santa Visit