Ruthmann Access Platforms Company Profile

Posted on: March 6th, 2015

Ruthmann Access Platforms

Ruthmann is a German access platform firm which supplies working platforms around the world.  It began its life as a company in 1901 as a humble bicycle and sewing shop.  The company did not start making heavy machinery until 1949, when it developed the Hubwagen, a cargo loading truck which was manufactured after years of developing trolleys for cargo and shipping.

Following on from their success with the Hubwagen Cargoloader, Ruthmann first developed the Stieger Ariel platform in 1954. This was a great development in technology at the time. The Steiger models are still available today in a range of heights and models, some of which we stock.

Since their small beginnings over a century ago, Ruthmann have expanded to provide access platforms across the globe and to a range of industries, from gardeners and tree surgeons, to large television and film projects.

Here are some of the Ruthmann access platforms and cherry pickers that we currently have available for hire:

Ruthmann T720

Last year we became the first firm in the country to stock the Ruthmann T720 for hire.  This model has a total working height of 72m and a 38m lateral reach, making it great for those high reach jobs such as national grid work and roof work. The t720 is also the worlds lightest 70m+ machine. This machine only available with one of our fully trained operators, and we can also supply this platform with extras such as a TV Cage, perfect for cinematic shots at height.

Ruthmann T330

The Ruthmann T330 is another machine from the Steiger range. It’s most notable feature is its multi bent profile boom system, the turret also functions without any additional hydraulic mechanisms.
The cage is able to carry 320kg of weight and able to accommodate three workers with tools.

Ruthmann T460

A world class cherry picker, the Ruthmann T460 has a working height of 46 metres and a 30 metre outreach.  Again, we are the first in the UK to offer these Ruthmann access platforms for hire.

Truck Mount Hire

We are always expanding our fleet so look out for new Ruthmann Vehicles over the next few months. All of these machines are available for hire direct from our Sheffield HQ in Attercliffe. Our truck mounted platforms are all available with one of our fully qualified access platform operators.

To make an query about hiring the Ruthmann T330, T720, or any of our other access platforms, contact our team today.


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