Ruthmann Vehicles – New Ruthmann T720

Posted on: November 16th, 2014

At Elev8 we are the first company in the United Kingdom to acquire a Ruthmann T720 mobile elevated work platform. 

The Ruthmann T720 is a marvellous piece of engineering, with a reach of 72m and a 38m lateral reach, there isn’t much you won’t be able to access with it. It has a movable jib that allows you to work ‘behind’ objects by reaching over them and lowering the platform down the other side. Perfect for large buildings, structures and Wind Turbines, this machine can access previously inaccessible areas with ease.

The mobile, elevated work platform has a weight limit of 600kg and measures 2.42 x 0.97m. This machine also has the flexibility to increase the size to 3.42 x 0.97m if you need more than one person to work on it, which it achieves using a hydraulic extension system at the push of a button. The Ruthmann T720 is able to work below ground level too, making it a truly versatile access platform that will be great for any job. 

Ruthmann T720 machines also feature a multi-bevelled telescoping boom that makes raising and lowering the platform easy – all done at the touch of a button – and provides a high performance every time. 

This working platform is perfect for jobs that require a large reach, such as tall buildings or places where you need to work at altitude safely and quickly. The versatility provided by the hydraulic cage extension, multi-bevelled telescoping boom and movable jib make it an exceptional piece of equipment for any jobs that require the ultimate in height performance. 

As we are the only company in the UK with a Ruthmann T720, you should ensure that you try and book this working platform as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Take a look at our hire options for more details or contact us if you want more information about which working platform would be best for your job.

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