Powered Access Platforms

Powered access platforms are a beneficial and functional item that are used by many different professionals, companies, and groups. They are commonly seen when dealing with signage, forestry, or with window cleaning.


The great benefit of powered access platforms is, of course, the fact that they can provide access to high areas that may not otherwise be reachable. One of their redeeming features is their articulating boom that is powered, allowing the arm and basket to move fluidly and easily. An added benefit of using powered access platforms is the electric motor that powers the telescoping boom, which makes the machine environmentally friendly.


Access working platforms are used in many different applications and situations. Cutting trees and performing other forestry actions not only means being able to get to an elevated position but it also usually means ensuring that the ground and surrounding area are not badly damaged. In cases where you may be working on unstable ground we recommend using a temporary roadway for all of our truck mounted platforms, as their weight could cause a potentially dangerous situation for those on the truck mount.


These powered access platforms with their telescoping boom gives them an extended reach and allows access to places that can be tricky to get to. These access platforms, especially spider platforms, are great for getting the best reach in a small area. At Elev8 we have plenty of options for spider hire. Spider hire machines are the most common kinds of mobile access platforms that are rented by everyone from private contractors to councils, so contact us to discuss you needs for a spider rental to discuss your options and what the best spider hire machine would be.


As well as these powered access platforms we have a range of other access platforms for hire, with machines that are suited to every situation. A self-powered working platform is typically powered by a diesel engine and because the trucks weigh less than 7.5t it means that anybody with a standard driving license is able to drive the truck mount hire from one location to the next. Ensuring that you choose the most appropriate articulating boom reach means that you will not have to move the truck unnecessarily which makes them more convenient and more beneficial.


Do consider which factors are most important to you and the circumstances and applications of your work. Also consider the capacity of the basket, the length of the arm and telescoping boom, and the style and power of movement in the whole unit. Also consider whether you have a willing and able operator and driver and whether access is restricted and space limited.


Contact Elev8 Platforms to ask any questions about our access platforms for hire or to place an order.


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