Operated or Self-Operated? From WUMAG to Spider Rental.

Posted on: February 16th, 2015

Choosing a mobile elevated work platform to suit the job at hand can sometimes be a difficult task. You need to evaluate what kind of platform hire you need, including the size needed and the area available to use it in. 

It would be no use hiring one of our WUMAG machines – one of our biggest working platforms – for a space that could only safely accommodate a small spider rental.

As a rule of thumb, self-operated working platforms tend to be smaller. They would include your standard spider rental or cherry picker hire. This is purely due to their ease of use and that they are generally rather small machines that don’t need specialised operation. 

Operated machines include the heavy hitters of the access working platforms world. Although many of the smaller platform rentals are available as bother operated or self-operated, only the largest are exclusively operated rentals. Our WUMAG T700 is the leading 70 metre working platform in the world, and with only handful of companies in Europe being able to offer this machine, we can offer a unique opportunity to make use of one of the best platform rentals in the business. 

As well as the WUMAG, we have a good selection of quality operated working platforms that can be hired to reach the most difficult of places. These machines are not self operated due to the specialist training required to operate them, meaning that you can devote all of your workforce to making the most of the WUMAG or whatever operated platform rental you choose.

Of course before deciding whether you need a WUMAG or a smaller platform rental, you need to evaluate the space available for the machine and the height required. Whilst the WUMAG has a maximum height of 70 metres, it is also almost 14 metres long and 4 metres high, not to mention having a lateral extension of 35 metres. 

In contrast our smallest machine is only 2.65 metres long and 2 metres high, but it only has a maximum reach of 10 metres. All of our access working platforms have dimensions between these two, so it is important to know exactly the kind of space you have to work with before choosing your platform rental. 


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