On Shore Renewables

Elev8 Access platforms have been a reliable access hire partner to major wind energy companies for over ten years.  We understand that down time of renewable energy equipment is expensive and work with our renewable energy clients to ensure it is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our reputation for safe access solutions, reliable high-quality MEWPs and first class service has enabled us to grow our reputation as an access provider within the renewable sector.  We provide a safe and efficient access solution to our renewable clients providing service and maintenance to on-shore wind turbines across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Holland and Denmark and plans to expand into the USA very soon.

MEWPs can be used for safe and efficient high level:

  • Wind turbine Blade Repairs
  • Wind turbine blade cleaning
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Wind turbine maintenance and repair
  • Erecting wind turbines
  • Dismantling wind turbines.

Specialist MEWPs with extras to assist your engineers

Elev8’s experience providing work at height solutions to the renewable industry have lead us to improve our MEWP fleet by adding features which make your job much easier.  We have access platforms available for hire with air lines installed for running pneumatic tools from the MEWP basket as well as on-board generators which provide wind turbine technicians with power too run tools from the MEWP basket.

Safe lifting of major wind turbine components

When you need to lift major turbine components Elev8’s in-house contract lifting team will design a safe lifting solution specifically for your project and timescales.  Our lifting team are fully qualified to both design and perform all aspects of a safe lift and have years of experience in both on shore and offshore wind farm installations all over the world.

Elev8 can provide the following for both onshore and offshore wind turbine projects:

  • Safe lifting of wind turbine components during maintenance, installation and removal. For example generators, gearboxes, winch replacements, tower (internal) cable replacements.
  • Tower section lifts for new wind turbine installation or decommissioning.
  • Nacelle lifts for new wind turbine installation or decommissioning.
  • Blade lifts for new wind turbine installation, maintenance, or decommissioning.

You can find out more about Elev8’s contract lifting service here.

Planning your renewable project

As well as providing safe access to your on shore wind turbines Elev8 also provide site surveys to assist you in selecting the best access platform for your job.  Elev8 provide a full wind turbine access solution by assisting with route planning to your wind farm including organising ferry crossings and shackling solution where required.  We have convoy vehicles available for our larger truck mounted MEWPs and we can organise track way for safe access to your wind turbine site.  As part of our fantastic service package to the wind turbine industry we also arrange lodgings for our MEWP operators close to your wind turbine site.


To find out more about how we can help you with safe high level work on wind turbines or other renewable equipment please contact us.