Off-Shore Renewable Access Solutions

Elev8 is your trusted partner for off shore access solutions and high-level maintenance of off shore renewable equipment. Our In-house engineering team can plan and execute at sea work at height solutions for your off-shore renewable engineering project.  We have experience of placing our specialist truck mount access platforms on board jack up vessels for wind turbine decommissioning and maintaining offshore wind turbines across the North Sea and Europe.

MEWPs can be used for safe and efficient:

  • Off-shore wind turbine blade repairs
  • Off-shore wind turbine blade cleaning
  • Off-shore wind turbine inspection
  • Off-shore wind turbine maintenance and repair
  • Erecting off-shore wind turbines
  • Dismantling off-shore wind turbines
  • Erecting or dismantling of support structures, such as met masts
  • Inspections and maintenance of on board cranes and related equipment

Project planning your off-shore high level work

Elev8’s qualified engineers provide the off-shore industry with a professional access solutions that complies with relevant legislation.  This service includes CAD drawings, load bearing calculations and lift plans to safely delivery our access equipment on board your vessel.

Elev8’s core values are Collaboration, Innovation, Reliability and Safety.  We work in partnership with our clients to provide a seamless specialist access solution bringing trades together to ensure the very time critical nature of the work is completed safely to detailed plans

MEWP for off shore windturbine decomissioning

Safe lifting of major wind turbine components

When you need to lift major turbine components Elev8’s in-house contract lifting team will design a safe lifting solution specifically for your project and timescales.  Our lifting team are fully qualified to both design and perform all aspects of a safe lift and have years of experience in both on shore and offshore wind farm installations all over the world.

Elev8 can provide the following for both onshore and offshore wind turbine projects:

  • Safe lifting of wind turbine components during maintenance, installation and removal. For example generators, gearboxes, winch replacements, tower (internal) cable replacements.
  • Tower section lifts for new wind turbine installation or decommissioning.
  • Nacelle lifts for new wind turbine installation or decommissioning.
  • Blade lifts for new wind turbine installation, maintenance, or decommissioning.

You can find out more about Elev8’s contract lifting service here.

As we employ the best people in the access industry including a fantastic team of skilled and experienced MEWP operators all qualified to the highest standards in the access industry.  If you would like to find out more about our access platform hire service to the off shore sector please contact us