A fantastic NHSS12d audit result for our traffic management team

Hot on the heels of last weeks announcement of the results of our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 audits, Elev8’s traffic management team had a fantastic audit against the National Highway Sector Scheme (NHSS) 12d guidelines.

NHSS 12d

Based on ISO9001 the National Highways Sector Scheme is a quality management scheme designed to ensure that the installation of traffic management is undertaken to industry and nationally recognised standards.  Sector Scheme 12D is for those who install, maintain, and remove temporary traffic management on both rural and urban roads, and is mandatory for Highway Agency contracts.  The scheme places a strong emphasis on health and safety, and it aims to make sure that temporary traffic management work is carried out to high professional standards.


NHSS 12d BSI certified traffic management service
NHSS certified provider of traffic management

This year we changed our certification body and decided to go through the full stage 1 & 2 audit, with stage 1 being completed earlier this year.  For stage two of the process an external auditor from BSI conducted a very through audit of our traffic management systems.  This included auditing our traffic management activities on a client’s site and interviewing one of our Traffic Management Operatives.

The external audit

During the audit our systems and procedures were reviewed to ensure we are operating to government guidance on safety for street works and road works.  Some of the areas covered by the audit were;

  • Suppliers
  • Statutory & regulatory requirements
  • Traffic management quality plan
  • Quality management system
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Site operation visit
  • Employee competency
  • Equipment maintenance and calibration
Traffic management service
Elev8's traffic management team providing a road closure in Scotland

Auditing Elev8's traffic management team in action

On the day of the audit some of our traffic management team were in Leeds, providing traffic management for a telecoms project.  As part of our end-to-end project solution, we supplied one of our S35EM access platforms which was providing safe work at height for testing antennas.

The telecoms mast was situated next to the highway and our traffic management team had installed three-way lights, with a footway closure and walkway for pedestrians.

The auditor checked that the traffic management set up matched the traffic management plan and that the risk assessments and method statements were in place for the works. 

The auditor also checked that we had the granted permits, permit board on site, and that the correct traffic management equipment was used and set up correctly, and that provisions had been put into place for pedestrians. They also interviewed one of our Traffic Management Operatives who was on site.

S35EM access platform hire in Leeds, with traffic management supplied
Elev8's traffic management team in Leeds providing traffic and pedestrian management for a telecoms project.

With all their knowledge of traffic management, our team did an amazing job in the audit and sailed through with zero non-conformances!

We caught up with Katie, Traffic Management Coordinator at Elev8, who had this to say about the audit.

“It was my first time being directly involved in an ISO audit but Paul the auditor from BSI put me at ease. He was very thorough and audited all stages of our traffic management operation from designing traffic management plans, to scheduling work and organising permits and right through to delivery of traffic management on site. As part of the audit process Ash, one of our traffic management operatives was interviewed, and I’d like to thank him for doing a fantastic job”.

A huge thank you to Elev8's traffic management team

2023 has been a very busy year for Elev8, and we want to thank the whole team for continuing to deliver the high standards of service and safety we are well-known for through a period of high growth and change.  BSI did a fantastic job of thoroughly auditing our traffic management systems, and we were delighted with the result of this latest NHSS 12d audit.

This was another great team effort led by both Louise and Katie. The knowledge they have about the business is vast and definitely helped us achieve this certification for another year with no non-conformances. Well done team!

Why we moved to BSI

NHSS certified provider of traffic management
BSI Logo-9001-14001-45001-SSIP

We’ve held certifications in NHSS12d, ISO9001; ISO14001 and ISO45001 for several years, but this year we decided to move our certifications to BSI.  

At the start of 2023 we acquired another local company which used a different certification body to Elev8.  We wanted to consolidate all our certifications under one body, and BSI were the natural choice.  As well as setting industry standards, BSI are the recognised globally as one of the most experienced independent assessors of best practice.  

Our NHSS 12d certification is included under our ISO9001 certificate.  This can be found on our brochures and downloads page, and you can validate all of our ISO certifications on BSI’s website.

Elev8 provide traffic management to all sectors including local authorities, road servicing, telecoms, water, drainage, and other utilities.  Our traffic management designs are safe and practical ensuring traffic disruption is kept to a minimum, and that both traffic and pedestrians are safely managed whilst you work.  Find out more about our traffic management service here.

NHSS 12d BSI certified traffic management service