Essential Access Platform Safety Factors

Mobile elevating platform safety is essential within the workplace. The machinery must be properly managed and planned, allowing operations to have the correct safety measures in place to ensure safety to onsite workers. The importance of learning about the dangers and risks is essential when using the machinery in order to carry out operations safely.

Mobile Elevating Platform Hazards

The risk factors when handling mobile elevating platforms are listed below:


Overturning: Due to the size of most elevating platforms the machine may overturn throwing the operator from the basket. So be cautious when turning the vehicle should be carried out in a controlled manner, allowing full safety to the operator.


Falling: An operator falling from the basket is a major risk factor, so it’s important that the operator has safety measures in place. Such as the operator wearing a harness with a short restraint lanyard which must be secured to a suitable manufacturer provided anchorage point.


Collision: It’s important to assess the risk factor with the machine colliding with pedestrians, overhead cables or nearby vehicles. A risk assessment would need to be carried out to eliminate any of these factors from occurring.


Outriggers: Outriggers must be extended and checked before raising the platform.


Guardrails: Making sure the elevating platforms are fitted with effective guard rails and toe boards.


Falling objects: Falling objects may occur when an operator may be carrying out work on the elevating platform. Creating an extended barrier around the platform should protect passing workers or pedestrians from getting struck with a falling object.


Ground conditions: The platform should be used on firm ground, preventing the platform from sinking. Leading to the access platform becoming stuck and may become unstable, risking the safety of the operator.


Weather: Weather conditions are a risk factor, as conditions such as strong winds can tilt platforms and make them unstable.  It’s important to make sure wind speeds are safe when operating the machine.  

Handling materials: It’s important to handle materials with precaution, assessing the weight and dimensions of all materials. Risks such as load distribution issues and the handling of materials can be planned accordingly by looking at maximum load weight set by the manufacturer of the machine.


All Elev8 access platform operators are trained in accordance with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007If you would like more information on mobile elevating platforms, contact us today for friendly expert advice.


Posted on: June 29th, 2017

How tall is the world’s tallest cherry picker? 2017 – Elev8Hire

What is the world’s tallest cherry picker?

The tallest cherry picker in the world is arguably the Bronto S112HLA- the largest cherry picker ever built. A monster machine that’s been used to build roller coasters, clean wind turbines and put out fires in skyscrapers, the S112HLA can pluck up to 700kg off the ground and carry it a staggering height. Whether you’d like to sit on the roof of Big Ben or skip the steps on the great pyramid of Giza, this leviathan can outreach any cherry picker in the business- and is trusted by governments to do the jobs- or save lives- when nothing else is up to the task. Cities continue to grow upwards as well as outwards, the challenges for emergency services demand more and more innovative technologies to reach areas most vehicles can’t. It’s so tall its status as a cherry picker is debatable-this is a multi-purpose high altitude equipment platform that carries a lot more than just personnel. Able to perform tasks far beyond the limit of an ordinary cherry picker, this is a powerful piece of kit used by the largest fire services and industrial giants.


How tall is the world’s tallest cherry picker?

The tallest cherry picker in the world by over 27 feet, the Finnish-built Bronto scrapes the sky at 367 feet. It’s not just about height, though- the Bronto can bend to a 90 degree angle 290 feet off the ground, making it incredibly versatile for accessing hard-to-reach rooftops or getting firefighters to the specific floor when no other means of entry is possible. Mounted on a monstrous 82-ton truck for extra stability, the S112HLA is the largest cherry picker currently in service, and one of the most versatile pieces of kit the world’s emergency services can fall back on when the job of saving lives requires something that can reach the highest floors of modern superstructures. Today’s emergency services have unprecedented access to helicopters, drones and in some cases even airships- but sometimes hardware on the ground is needed for the safest & fastest ingress for first responders- where helicopters can’t reach, the world’s tallest cherry picker steps up. The S112HLA isn’t just used for emergencies, though- as progress drives engineering even further into the sky, advances technology demands more and more dependable, versatile & innovative technology to keep up. As the largest cherry picker available the Bronto S112HLA has come to play a crucial role in maintaining next generation tech like radio towers and wind farms- where incredibly advanced high-voltage generators meet high altitude building with important implications for infrastructure that leave no room for error. With its off road-ready truck platform and the ability to haul a team of experts and their equipment hundreds of feet into the air, the Bronto Skylift can provide a stable base from which any onshore turbine can be repaired or maintained.


Whether you’re an engineer or a first responder, the tallest cherry picker in the world gives you the reach to get the job done- however, given the rapid advance of modern building it seems likely engineers are even now building a monster machine to usurp the title of world’s tallest cherry picker. While the next generation will be even taller & more versatile, whatever comes to claim the title of largest cherry picker will be a reflection of the speed of scientific progress as architects and builders continue to push the limits of engineering. Most of all, we in the industry look forward to seeing the development of the next machine to hold the title of world’s tallest cherry picker.



Posted on: May 31st, 2017

Elev8 is now an Achilles Verified Supplier

UDVB Verified Access Platform Supplier

This month Elev8 underwent its first Achilles Verification Audit to join the UVDB Community of suppliers to the Utilities sector.  The audit is focussed on the requirements of the UK utilities industry to ensure suppliers comply with legislation and Utilities company’s corporate governance.


The two-day Category B2 audit is for contractors or suppliers who work or provide services on operational sites owned, managed or controlled by a utility and where the supplier acts as principal contractor.  The auditor reviewed our management systems for Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as a site based assessment of our work activities.




High Scoring First Audit

It was the first time Elev8 has been through this process we are delighted with our high scores of:

  • 100% in our Site Assessment
  • 100% in Quality
  • 97% in Environment
  • 93% in Health and Safety.

This gave us an overall score of 97% which we are all delighted with.


Following on from the success of our team in achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in January – this accreditation really highlights the Elev8 team’s dedication to providing superior access platform hire solutions in the safest possible manner.


If you would like to find out more about Elev8 or if you are interested in hiring a MEWP, spider, truck mount or any specialist access equipment please contact us.


Posted on: February 21st, 2017

New ISO Accreditations Awarded to our Management Systems



It’s been a busy start of the year for the Elev8 team preparing for our management systems to be audited to against ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards.  After an audit by The British Accreditation Bureau earlier this week we are very proud to announce that we passed both standards with flying colours.


Here at Elev8 we already pride ourselves on having a customer focused approach across our hire business.  ISO9001:2015 is an internationally recognised standard for quality systems based around a Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle.  With the help of our chosen UKAS registered supplier we reviewed our management systems and looked at what we could do to make our service delivery even better.


ISO14001:2015 is an internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems.  Through this process we reviewed our current environmental performance and developed a list of initiatives to continually improve our environmental performance.


We chose to create a combined system accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 and we will be accrediting our safety systems to ISO standards in the near future.


A huge thank you to everyone in the Elev8 Team for your hard work and dedication to achieve both accreditations in a very short period of time.

If you would like to find out more about Elev8’s access platform hire service please contact us.


Posted on: January 24th, 2017

Lighting up Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Sheffield Children’s hospital is one of only four stand-alone children’s hospitals in the country, providing specialist care to children all over Yorkshire and the UK.  As part of the hospitals fund raising activities the hospital lights up every Christmas with sponsored snowflakes.


This year the Children’s Hospital has a new wing, and 30 new snowflakes to go on it.   Elev8 is proud to provide to provide the access platform used to install the snowflakes since 2010, and this year we have our very own snowflake.


The Children’s Hospital Charity anticipates that it will raise £110,000 from this year’s snowflakes.  These proceeds will go towards enhancements in the new wing of the hospital.


For more information on how you can support The Children’s Hospital Charity, please visit or call 0114 271 7203.


Posted on: December 23rd, 2016

Welcoming Our Latest Team Member, Business Development Manager Phil Blackburn

We are pleased to announceAccess Platform Hire Scottish Business Manager another addition to the Elev8 team.


Welcome to Phil Blackburn who joined Elev8 this month as Business Development Manager based in Scotland.


Phil has over 20 years’ experience working in the access platform hire industry and is a specialist in truck mounted MEWPs and track mounted access platforms.   He has worked with a wide spectrum of clients and has an extensive knowledge of wind farms, the telecoms industry and local government access platform requirements.


As part of Phil’s role he will be visiting our clients to ensure that our fleet of access platforms meets their particular needs. He is also happy to visit client’s sites to perform site surveys and recommend which access platform would be the best one for the job.


If you would like to book an appointment or a site survey with Phil please give us a call on 0845-2743627 or contact us.



Posted on: November 29th, 2016

Wearing our poppies with pride.

This week our fleet of MEWPs are wearing their poppies to commemorate our fallen service men and women.



Brendan Snodden from the Reserve Army 146 Field Company, 102 Battalion REME visited Elev8’s Sheffield Depot this week and was presented with a donation from the Elev8 team to the poppy appeal.    The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support for the Armed Forces community – serving men and women, veterans, and their families.  You can find out more about the Royal British Legion charity here.



Here at Elev8 we have a strong affinity this charity. You may be surprised to know that we actually currently employ eight former service men within our team of operators, and several acting members of the Reserves Army.




Posted on: November 10th, 2016

New Leo23GT tracked access platform added to the fleet.

Leo23GT Tracked Access Cherry Picker Internal Atrium High Level Maintenance

The latest addition to our hire fleet is yet another versatile tracked access platform.


Excellent for use indoors

The Teupen Leo 23GT spider platform is compact enough to fit through many internal doors, making an excellent choice for high level work in atriums, courtyards and other work at height in building interiors.   As well as an electric fuel option for use indoors, this MEWP has indoor non marking rubber tracks.  Weighing only 2990kg this spider access platform can be set up on floors with limited load capacity.


The Teupen Leo range can travel up slopes of up to 30% inclination and can even climb stairs.  They have an automatic leveling system to assist in safely setting up the spider platform in your work area.


Rough terrain work

This access platform is an excellent choice if you need to cross rough terrain or set up on rough areas. It has adjustable tracks with a wide setting for increasing the ground clearance.


With a horizontal outreach of up to 11.5 meters, and a basket rotation of 180o  this MEWP can be manoeuvred to get you safely to the place you need to work.


You can find out more information about the Teupen Leo 23GT machine on our site or contact our hire desk for hire options.


Posted on: October 18th, 2016

Two new Ruthmann Powered Access Platforms join the fleet

Ruthmann T720 Truck Mounted Access Platforms with 72m working height

Things have been very busy here at Elev8 HQ and we haven’t had time to tell you about the two brand new Ruthmann T720’s access platforms which arrived this summer.


We love the reliability and intuitive control of Ruthmann MEWPs and these latest additions to our fleet are everything you would expect from this high quality access platform manufacturer.  With 72 meters of working height and up to 38 meters of lateral outreach these powered access platforms are perfect for use on many applications including wind farm maintenance, dock and shipping inspections, roof works and high level telecoms.


This access platform can be supplied with a camera cage for film and TV work such as live coverage of sporting events.


T720 access platform features

It has a movable jib which gives the operator flexibility when positioning the basket allowing it to be positioned so you can work behind objects.  This is useful for structural inspections, and because the basket can positioned up to 12 metres below the truck it is particularly useful for under / side  bridge inspection work where the only safe access is from on top of the bridge.


This machine has a class leading 20m fly boom in the 70 metre category allow great up and over capabilities.  Customers will be delighted at the very smooth and solid ride this machine gives, giving you a real sense of security and safety.


The MAN chassis on these two  truck mounted MEWPs are 8 axel with twin front and rear steer which make them very nimble and maneuverable.  A great feature is the 6+8 wheel drive feature allowing good off road ability too.


The Ruthmann T720 has a generous 600 KG working basket load capacity, making it perfect for jobs where you need to carry equipment such as glass or signage for high level installations.  This access platform also has lifting frames and a winch system making it one of the most complete access platforms in the UK today.


To see more technical details on this powered access platform please visit it’s dedicated machine page, or contact us.

Posted on: September 22nd, 2016

New Fleet Addition: Palfinger P900

P900 access platform with 90 meters working heightThe latest addition to Elev8’s hire fleet is a brand new Palfinger P900 access platform.

The P900 truck mounted MEWP has a working height of 90 metres and an outreach of 32.3 metres.  Mounted on a 48 tonne chassis this working platform has a platform capacity of 700 kg and 180 degrees platform rotation.

The impressive 90 metres working height of this access platform make it an ideal MEWP for wind turbine maintenance, glass installation and high level work at Ports.   This truck mounted cherry picker can be hired with a camera cage attachment which is ideal for TV and Camera work.

This access platform has an extending work cage which extends up to a width of 3.45 meters.

With a safe working cage load of 530 kg this access platform can be used to safely lift your work equipment up to your place of work.  A lifting frame can be added to safely store pieces of glass for glass installation jobs or signage for sign installation, making them easier to handle and safer to lift.

The P900 MEWP can also be supplied with a winch for other lifting operations.

If you would like to find out more about the P900 access platform, please visit our machine dedicated webpage.

Posted on: August 4th, 2016
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