Health & Safety Team complete step stair challenge

Congratulations to Bernie and Kay from our Health & Safety team for completing the 1200+ step stair challenge last weekend.


Bernie & Kay climbed to the top of the staircase in the iconic Cheesegrater building raising funds for Care International.  Care International is a charity that helps women to leave poverty in developing countries.


Every donation given before the 20th April will be matched by UKaid.  If you would like to donate please see Kay & Bernies just giving page.






Posted on: April 18th, 2018

Big Savings for Elev8 Employees

Employee incentives at Elev8 Access Platforms






Every member of the Elev8 team is now invited to join the Perk Box employee incentive scheme.    Membership gives our employees access to the Perk Box portal which has literally hundreds of vouchers and discounts as well as some other useful incentives.


Vouchers & Discounts

You can purchase digital gift cards at a discounted rate from high street retailers including House of Fraser, Clarks, Debenhams, B&Q and many more.    Even some leading supermarkets are included meaning you can save 5% off your Sainsburys shop and 4% at Tesco.


There are great deals on cinema tickets, family days out and gym memberships, and even some free stuff like mobile phone insurance, access to free e-learning and free drinks.


There are hundreds of discounts available to you just take a look at Perkbox’s website to find out which would be useful to you.  New discounts and vouchers are regularly added, and those mentioned above may be subject to change.



Child Care Vouchers

For team members who pay for child care the scheme allows you to buy child care vouchers directly from your salary before tax and national insurance.  These can be used to purchase a range of child care options from approved child care suppliers for children up to the age of 15 (or 16 for children with a disability).  You can find more information about child care vouchers here.



Support Line

Perkbox members also have 24 hour a day access to a confidential support line where they can speak to qualified councillors, solicitors and legal consultants.



There is a handy Perkbox app to help you get deals when you are out and about.  Find out more at


All Elev8 employees should have already received a Perk Box pack explaining how you register, but if you haven’t just get in touch with Amy our HR Officer.


Posted on: March 7th, 2018

Fantastic ISO Audit results!

January seems to be the month for external audits in the Elev8 Office!  As well as our Achilles Audit (which we passed with a 100% score) our quality and environmental management systems were audited against the latest ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards.


Here at Elev8 we are committed to delivering a world class access platform hire service to our clients.  Just one of the ways we achieve this is by being a procedure lead organisation.  Throughout the course of the year we audit our own system to ensure that it is working and strive to continually improve delivery of our MEWP hire service.


The external auditor spent a full day reviewing the management procedures for our specialist access platform hire operations.  The audit went very well with no non-conformances raised against either standard.


A huge thank you to the Elev8 team for all your hard work throughout the year, and especially January when we have so many external audits.


Cherry picker hire from an accredited MEWP hire company   Accredited quality nationwide MEWP hire service


What are ISO9001 & ISO14001?


ISO 9001 was first introduced in 1987 and requires organisations to demonstrate that they do what they say they do, and that they have a Quality Management System in place to ensure consistency and improvement; leading to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed to ensure progress is being maintained.


ISO 14001 was first introduced in 1996 as a British Standard and requires organisations to have an environmental policy and action plan in place to manage their impact on the environment. Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed annually to ensure progress is being maintained.


If you would like to find out more about how our access platform hire service can assist you work safely at height please contact us.


Posted on: February 14th, 2018

Elev8 Score 100% in Achilles Audit


Achilles Audit Certificate Utilities ContractorsThere is much excitement this week at Elev8 HQ as the results of our Achilles Verification Audit came in.  This year was only Elev8’s second Achilles Verification audit and we are absolutely delighted to announce that we scored 100% across all areas.


Achilles Category B2 Verification is a very detailed two-day audit.  The auditor reviewed our management systems for Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as a site based assessment of our work activities.


This result further improves our business and moves us towards our goal of being the safest and most reliable Specialist Access company in the World, enhancing our reputation as we grow our operations in Europe.



Break down of 2018 scores for Elev8 Access Platforms


Management System Evaluation Scores

  • Health & Safety 100%
  • Environment 100%
  • Quality 100%
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 100%


Onsite Assessment

  • Health and Safety 100%
  • Environment 100%
  • Quality 100%
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 100%


Here at Elev8 we are committed to delivering a world class access platform service by investing in the latest state of the art access equipment, as well as employing a work force with the experience and training to assure our clients working at height that they are in the safest hands in the access industry.


The whole Elev8 team worked hard throughout the year to continually review and improve our systems and working practices.  The hard work and commitment of the entire team is reflected by achieving the maximum score possible, a feat which we understand is quite rare to achieve.


Although a team effort we would like to recognise the huge contribution made by Bernie our Health and Safety Manager, who diligently examined Elev8’s entire health and safety system last year and implemented a number of improvements.


If you would like to find out more about Elev8 or if you are interested in hiring the best  Truck mounted MEWPS in the World, Tracked access platform, MEWPS or any specialist access equipment please contact us.


Posted on: January 31st, 2018

Elev8 win British Steel Supplier Award

health and safety excellence in industrial access, platformsThere is a lot of excitement this week at Elev8 HQ as our team have been awarded a prestigious 2017 Contractor Shut Down Health & Safety Excellence Award by British Steel.  We were nominated for the award by the central crane team for our part in supplying safe high level access for industrial maintenance during the annual factory shut down at their Scunthorpe plant.


2017 is the first time that Elev8 have been part of the shut down operations at British Steel’s integrated steel making site in Scunthorpe.  The Elev8 team started planning the operation weeks prior to the job.  Our operations and health and safety team worked collaboratively with both British Steel, and the industrial engineers performing the work to plan safe methods of access for each of the high level industrial maintenance jobs performed during the factory shutdown.


Because of the huge cost of shutting a manufacturing facility like this, this operation is performed annually to a tight schedule.  Elev8 supplied eight access platforms which worked round the clock for three days and nights with a team of rotating shift MEWP operators.  They supplied access for three high level industrial engineering jobs, one of which was 90 meters high using our Palfinger P900 access platform.


Elev8 were presented the award because British Steel were impressed with the planning that Elev8 put into this job.  Safe methods of performing each job were carefully thought out, rescue plans were put into place and the team of Elev8 operators were well briefed prior to the work starting.    All the high level industrial maintenance jobs that Elev8 provided access for went smoothly, with zero down time for the contracting engineers.


As COMAH level 5 this manufacturing site commands very high standards in health and safety.   This award from British Steel demonstrates the absolute focus that Elev8 have on safety, reliability and innovation throughout their access platform hire operations.


Jason Machin, Elev8’s Managing Director said, We are delighted to have been recognised for Elev8’s ethos of collaboration with both customers and other contractors to get the job done safely. It was a true team effort across all the departments at Elev8 which came together to deliver safe access with zero down time for the engineers involved. This award really builds on our Mission – which is to become the safest, most reliable and innovative specialist access company in the world.  To receive this from a world class company make me proud of our team.”


A huge thank you to all members of the Elev8 team who worked hard deliver this industrial access project under short timescales.


If you would like to find out more detail about how Elev8 can help you complete high level industrial engineering work safely please contact us.



Posted on: October 7th, 2017

Access Platform Hire for High Rise Buildings

Access equipment for high rise building cladding inspectionSafe access to the outside of high rise buildings can be a challenge when constructing, retrofitting and maintaining tall blocks of flats and high rise apartments. For short duration work such as building cladding cleaning or maintenance a mobile access platform (MEWP) is a safe and efficient way to access high rise buildings.


Experts at high level access Elev8 Access Platforms have a fleet of MEWPs available for hire.  With a safe working height of up to 90 meters and a horizontal outreach of up to 38 meters our MEWPs can reach some of the tallest blocks of flats. Our hire fleet contains truck mounted access platforms and tracked access platforms which can travel over grass and set up on uneven ground. Tracked access platforms are ideal for safe access to the higher levels of buildings which face over gardens and grass.



High Rise Jobs Are Ideal For MEWPs

Our experienced IPAF trained MEWP Operators work on high rise buildings every day. They safely lift our clients and their equipment and building materials up to do a variety of jobs including:


  • Exterior building cleaning
  • Installing or removing glass windows
  • Installing or removing building cladding
  • Safe access for inspection and testing of building cladding
  • High rise building maintenance


MEWPs used to inspect and remove high rise building cladding


Specialist Lifting Attachments Available For High-Rise Jobs

Here at Elev8 we have a fleet of specialised access platforms selected with both safety and reliability in mind. When purchasing MEWPs we think carefully about the job they will be used for.  We purchase specialist lifting attachments to ensure that the MEWP you hire is able safely lift people, equipment and maintenance to the workplace.


Our larger truck mounted MEWPs have lifting frames fitted onto the basket.  These frames are ideal for securely holding large building materials such as large panes of glass and sections of building cladding.  Building materials are safely secured in the frame outside the basket, separating them from the MEWP passengers.


If you have a requirement for high rise building maintenance such as lifting or removing cladding please contact us.


Posted on: July 5th, 2017

Elev8 Hire Join Access Link

Access Link a group of access equipment suppliersWe are pleased to announce that Elev8 Access Platforms are now members of Access Link.  This is a group of professional powered access companies working together to provide customers with UK wide MEWP hire.


About Access Link


Access Link is made up of over 50 depots run by independent access equipment suppliers across the whole of the UK and Ireland.  Depots are located as far north as Elgin in Scotland, all the way down to Cornwall and Plymouth. As well as depots based in England, Scotland and Wales, member depots can also be found in Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.


The Access Link group is comprised of independent access hire companies working together to deliver high-quality access equipment across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.  It gives our customers access to a network of over 12,000 MEWPs in the Access Link Fleet.  All you need to do is call our hire desk with your access equipment requirements, and if do not have the right piece of access equipment available for hire in our own fleet we will contact our partners in the Access Link.


Members of the Access Link specialise in equipment such as:



Here at Elev8 Access Platforms we are very excited about joining the Access Link and working with other specialist access equipment suppliers across the country.


To find out more about Access Link or if you wish to hire a cherry picker or MEWP please contact us.



Posted on: September 6th, 2017

Essential Access Platform Safety Factors

Mobile elevating platform safety is essential within the workplace. The machinery must be properly managed and planned, allowing operations to have the correct safety measures in place to ensure safety to onsite workers. The importance of learning about the dangers and risks is essential when using the machinery in order to carry out operations safely.

Mobile Elevating Platform Hazards

The risk factors when handling mobile elevating platforms are listed below:


Overturning: Due to the size of most elevating platforms the machine may overturn throwing the operator from the basket. So be cautious when turning the vehicle should be carried out in a controlled manner, allowing full safety to the operator.


Falling: An operator falling from the basket is a major risk factor, so it’s important that the operator has safety measures in place. Such as the operator wearing a harness with a short restraint lanyard which must be secured to a suitable manufacturer provided anchorage point.


Collision: It’s important to assess the risk factor with the machine colliding with pedestrians, overhead cables or nearby vehicles. A risk assessment would need to be carried out to eliminate any of these factors from occurring.


Outriggers: Outriggers must be extended and checked before raising the platform.


Guardrails: Making sure the elevating platforms are fitted with effective guard rails and toe boards.


Falling objects: Falling objects may occur when an operator may be carrying out work on the elevating platform. Creating an extended barrier around the platform should protect passing workers or pedestrians from getting struck with a falling object.


Ground conditions: The platform should be used on firm ground, preventing the platform from sinking. Leading to the access platform becoming stuck and may become unstable, risking the safety of the operator.


Weather: Weather conditions are a risk factor, as conditions such as strong winds can tilt platforms and make them unstable.  It’s important to make sure wind speeds are safe when operating the machine.  

Handling materials: It’s important to handle materials with precaution, assessing the weight and dimensions of all materials. Risks such as load distribution issues and the handling of materials can be planned accordingly by looking at maximum load weight set by the manufacturer of the machine.


All Elev8 access platform operators are trained in accordance with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007If you would like more information on mobile elevating platforms, contact us today for friendly expert advice.


Posted on: June 29th, 2017

How tall is the world’s tallest cherry picker? 2017 – Elev8Hire

What is the world’s tallest cherry picker?

The tallest cherry picker in the world is arguably the Bronto S112HLA- the largest cherry picker ever built. A monster machine that’s been used to build roller coasters, clean wind turbines and put out fires in skyscrapers, the S112HLA can pluck up to 700kg off the ground and carry it a staggering height. Whether you’d like to sit on the roof of Big Ben or skip the steps on the great pyramid of Giza, this leviathan can outreach any cherry picker in the business- and is trusted by governments to do the jobs- or save lives- when nothing else is up to the task. Cities continue to grow upwards as well as outwards, the challenges for emergency services demand more and more innovative technologies to reach areas most vehicles can’t. It’s so tall its status as a cherry picker is debatable-this is a multi-purpose high altitude equipment platform that carries a lot more than just personnel. Able to perform tasks far beyond the limit of an ordinary cherry picker, this is a powerful piece of kit used by the largest fire services and industrial giants.


How tall is the world’s tallest cherry picker?

The tallest cherry picker in the world by over 27 feet, the Finnish-built Bronto scrapes the sky at 367 feet. It’s not just about height, though- the Bronto can bend to a 90 degree angle 290 feet off the ground, making it incredibly versatile for accessing hard-to-reach rooftops or getting firefighters to the specific floor when no other means of entry is possible. Mounted on a monstrous 82-ton truck for extra stability, the S112HLA is the largest cherry picker currently in service, and one of the most versatile pieces of kit the world’s emergency services can fall back on when the job of saving lives requires something that can reach the highest floors of modern superstructures. Today’s emergency services have unprecedented access to helicopters, drones and in some cases even airships- but sometimes hardware on the ground is needed for the safest & fastest ingress for first responders- where helicopters can’t reach, the world’s tallest cherry picker steps up. The S112HLA isn’t just used for emergencies, though- as progress drives engineering even further into the sky, advances technology demands more and more dependable, versatile & innovative technology to keep up. As the largest cherry picker available the Bronto S112HLA has come to play a crucial role in maintaining next generation tech like radio towers and wind farms- where incredibly advanced high-voltage generators meet high altitude building with important implications for infrastructure that leave no room for error. With its off road-ready truck platform and the ability to haul a team of experts and their equipment hundreds of feet into the air, the Bronto Skylift can provide a stable base from which any onshore turbine can be repaired or maintained.


Whether you’re an engineer or a first responder, the tallest cherry picker in the world gives you the reach to get the job done- however, given the rapid advance of modern building it seems likely engineers are even now building a monster machine to usurp the title of world’s tallest cherry picker. While the next generation will be even taller & more versatile, whatever comes to claim the title of largest cherry picker will be a reflection of the speed of scientific progress as architects and builders continue to push the limits of engineering. Most of all, we in the industry look forward to seeing the development of the next machine to hold the title of world’s tallest cherry picker.



Posted on: May 31st, 2017

Elev8 is now an Achilles Verified Supplier

UDVB Verified Access Platform Supplier

This month Elev8 underwent its first Achilles Verification Audit to join the UVDB Community of suppliers to the Utilities sector.  The audit is focussed on the requirements of the UK utilities industry to ensure suppliers comply with legislation and Utilities company’s corporate governance.


The two-day Category B2 audit is for contractors or suppliers who work or provide services on operational sites owned, managed or controlled by a utility and where the supplier acts as principal contractor.  The auditor reviewed our management systems for Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as a site based assessment of our work activities.




High Scoring First Audit

It was the first time Elev8 has been through this process we are delighted with our high scores of:

  • 100% in our Site Assessment
  • 100% in Quality
  • 97% in Environment
  • 93% in Health and Safety.

This gave us an overall score of 97% which we are all delighted with.


Following on from the success of our team in achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in January – this accreditation really highlights the Elev8 team’s dedication to providing superior access platform hire solutions in the safest possible manner.


If you would like to find out more about Elev8 or if you are interested in hiring a MEWP, spider, truck mount or any specialist access equipment please contact us.


Posted on: February 21st, 2017
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