New crane added to Elev8’s hire fleet

The arrival of a new crane has caused a real buzz at Elev8 this summer.  Introducing our brand new Fassi F820RA loader crane.  The Rolls-Royce of the crane world you can certainly tell that our new crane has premium build quality and cutting-edge technology.

Sometimes referred to as HIAB’s, loader cranes provide all the lifting, carrying and transport services in one piece of equipment.  The F820RA is an incredibly versatile crane.  We can see it being used for safely transporting and lifting a wide variety of loads.  

Transports loads up to 21m without overhang

With three different transport configurations, the F820RA loader crane offers plenty of versatility when it comes to safely transporting heavy or bulky materials around the UK.  These loader cranes can be hired with a detachable body, a draw bar trailer or a trailer which extends up to 21m long.

F820RA HIAB for hire London
F820RA loader crane for hire with detachable body
F820RA loader crane for hire with draw bar trailer
F820RA loader crane with extending trailer

Detachable body

Transports loads of up to 2.5t and approximately 4m long.

Draw bar trailer

6.5m draw bar trailer transports loads of up to 13t and can be used in addition to detachable body.

Extending rear steer trailer

Transports loads up to 12t and can carry loads up to 21m long without overhang.

Click here for more detailed information and working range diagrams for these cranes.

A multitalented crane

One of the things we love about the F820RA loader crane is how adaptable it is. Available for hire with either a removable jib or with a winch, both of which expand this cranes lifting capabilities.

Removable jib

Adding a jib to the loader crane increases the maximum lifting height to 30 metres.  

For lifting loads onto rooftops or over obstacles the lifting outreach of this crane increases up to 25.8 metres with the jib attached.  

Removable winch

For some lifting projects you need to lower a load below the body of the truck, and this is where the winch comes in handy. Examples of this are when you need to lower a load under a bridge, below a dock side or even down a well.

Of course, each load and lifting application is different and needs careful planning by a competent person.  If you don’t have lifting expertise in your team one of our qualified Appointed Persons would be happy to design a safe lift plan specifically for your project.

F820RA loader crane transporting and placing trackway
Find more details of the specification of our F820RA loader cranes here. Please bear in mind that lifting capabilities change depending on the nature of the load and site where the lift takes place.

All mod cons for our crane operators

Our loader cranes are available for hire across the UK and we thought of our crane operators comfort when working away.  The sleeper cab is equipped with an adjustable bed, as well as a fridge and a microwave to give some home comforts whilst our crane operators are out on the road.  

The versatility of the F820RA make these loader cranes useful for all sorts of heavy haulage and lifting applications.  We can see these cranes being useful for transporting railway lines and lifting them into place, lifting boats and transporting them to a different location, transporting and lifting telecoms poles, lifting and transporting heavy plant, containers and site cabins or for general haulage of large and bulky materials.

You can hire our loader cranes with an operator anywhere in the UK.  If you would like us to look after all the lifting aspects of your project, these loader cranes are available as part of our fully project managed contract lifting service.

If the F820RA is not right crane for you we do have other options available.  Please get in touch with one of our lifting experts to discuss your lifting project. 

Watch the F820RA loader crane lift a 20m telecoms pole

F820RA loader crane photo gallery