Mobile Access Platforms

When elevated access is required it is sometimes necessary to hire mobile access platforms. These platforms are either self-powered or are carried on a truck or trailer. Mobile elevated work platforms – or MEWP hire platforms – come in a variety of different sizes that will usually offer different types and height of access. Articulating boom lifts, which are more commonly referred to simply as cherry pickers or scissor lifts, are commonly chosen for their convenience and their ease of use. Users need to consider the required height, the method of moving the lift, and factors like the type of motor used to operate the lift before choosing an appropriate working platform to hire.


It may be necessary to consider the capacity and size of the basket. If it is necessary to move items as well as operator within the basket then weight capacity is vital. Generally speaking, the basket will carry a capacity of 200kg but you can find access platforms for hire that will take a larger capacity of 230kg or more. These larger machines are usually truck mounted platforms, although a van mounted cherry picker may be an alternative option to regular small cherry picker hire.


Also consider who will be transporting the mobile access platforms and how they will be transported. Most mobile access platforms available for hire are self-powered, means that they have their own engine and their own drive. Diesel powered engines and a weight less than 7.5t means that the articulating boom can be driven by anybody that has a standard driving license. However we always recommend that you double check whether you hold the correct license before committing to a platform rental. 


Telescoping boom lifts are extremely convenient and in some cases they may represent the only way in which you can access elevated positions. There are excellent spider access platforms to choose from at Elev8, most of which are perfect for working indoors in confined spaces to get the required reach needed for the job. Choose the most appropriate boom according to basket capacity, elevation height, and how the boom is transported from one location to the next to make your MEWP hire a success.


Elev8 Platforms offers a number of high quality boom lifts and mobile access platforms that you can use for any purpose and that offer many different advantages. View or range of cherry picker options for hire or call today for our platform hire rates on 0845 274 3627.

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