MEWP Winches

As well as a safe platform for lifting people MEWPs can also be used to lift equipment to work at height.  This is very useful for example where an engineer is requiring a safe working platform to install equipment at height.  If one MEWP can safely lift both the engineer and their equipment it can both increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Some examples of our MEWP accessories that are designed to make equipment lifting safer and more efficient are:

The Bronto Boom winch

This MEWP winch has a safe lifting capacity of  1300 kg.  It is fitted to the boom itself leaving the MEWP basket free for safely lifting passengers and providing a safe working platform for you work at height job.


This winch can be fitted onto our Bronto S50 XDT-J  and S70XR MEWPs.  It plugs into the computer system of the access platform and automatically adjusts the safe working envelope of the MEWP during the lift.

Lifting materials safely with an access platform

The Bronto cage winch

This is a  hydraulic winch with a 300 kg safe lifting capacity which is fitted to the outside of the MEWP cage leaving the basket free to safely lift passengers and provide a safe working platform for you work at height.


The cage winch can be fitted onto our Bronto S50 XDT-J and S56-XR MEWPs.

MEWP cage winch for safely lifting equipment and materials

If you would like some advice on your equipment lifting requirements, please contact us.