Let Elev8 support your renewable energy project.

We all recognise the need for renewable forms of energy generation to decarbonise our economy and slow down climate change.   Wind energy generated from on shore and off shore wind turbines is one of the largest sources of renewable energy in the UK, and all those turbines need maintaining to keep them performing as efficiently as they can.  Upgrading wind turbine equipment and performing planned preventative maintenance saves money in the long run, allowing turbines to run for longer without breakdowns.

Over the past decade Elev8 have provided reliable and safe access solutions for renewable energy companies performing wind turbine maintenance and repairs.

With the experience of our in-house renewables technical team we understand that downtime of energy generation equipment is expensive and work with you to ensure it is kept to an absolute minimum.

Access solutions for wind turbine maintenance

Elev8’s fleet of access platforms is exceptional.  Whatever your project we have the right piece of powered access for it.  Our extensive fleet includes huge truck mounted platforms with a phenomenal 103m of working height to smaller truck mounted MEWPs with 40m of working height.    We purchase our access equipment from the best MEWP manufacturers in the world, looking for safety, reliability, and innovative features that our clients will find useful.

We provide truck mounted access platforms with up to 103 metres of working height anywhere in England, Ireland, Scotland, the Scottish Isles and Wales.  Elev8 also provide operated access platforms across Northern Europe including France, Germany, Holland, and Denmark.  If your wind turbine is located off road or in a hard to reach location we have off road and 4×4 access solutions too.

Not only do our access platforms provide a safe working platform for wind turbine technicians, but with a MEWP basket capacity of up to 600Kg they can safely lift all the tools and equipment they need.  If you need power or air to operate power tools just let us know.  We can supply access platform with 110v power and pneumatic air available in the MEWP basket.  Elev8 can also supply access platforms with water to the basket, useful for cleaning wind turbines and other projects where water is required.

Safe wind turbine blade maintenance from a MEWP

Safe lifting of large wind turbine components

When you need to lift major components Elev8’s in-house contract lifting team will design a safe lifting solution specifically for your project and timescales.  Our lifting team are fully qualified to both design and perform all aspects of a safe lift and have years of experience in both on shore and offshore wind farm installations all over the world.

Elev8 can provide the following for both onshore and offshore wind turbine projects:

  • Safe lifting of wind turbine components during maintenance, installation and removal. For example generators, gearboxes, winch replacements, tower (internal) cable replacements.
  • Tower section lifts for new wind turbine installation or decommissioning.
  • Nacelle lifts for new wind turbine installation or decommissioning.
  • Blade lifts for new wind turbine installation, maintenance, or decommissioning.

You can find out more about Elev8’s contract lifting service here.

Lifting turbine parts with a MEWP winch

Save money and time with an Elev8 service package

As well as providing safe access solutions for wind turbine maintenance, Elev8 can take some of the stress out of your maintenance project by providing a fully managed project solution.  We work in collaboration with you to put together package of services that works for you.  This can include:

  • Cleaning and reapplying grease to Yaw
  • Cleaning towers and blades
  • Painting
  • Blade repairs
  • Nacelle repairs
  • Road closure, traffic and pedestrian management to support the transport of large wind turbine components.
  • Supply of ground protection and trackway.
  • Ground loading surveys for clients that do not already know the load limits on site.
  • Tree & foliage clearance prior to work commencing.
  • Removal and disposal of waste.
  • Organising ferry crossings
  • Shackling solutions
  • For long term projects we can arrange lodgings for our MEWP Operators keeping them close to site.
Wind turbine maintenance using an access platform

Elev8 provide safe access solutions for on shore and offshore wind turbines, as well as lifting solutions for the maintenance, installation and decommissioning of wind turbines.  We also offer a full wind turbine cleaning service.

If you need a safe access solution for maintaining wind turbines, please get in touch.  We offer a free no obligation survey to help you find the best access solution for your project.