Access Platforms for Commercial Christmas Light Installations

Posted on: October 13th, 2015

Is it me or does Christmas seem to come around faster and faster each year?  If you are putting up commercial Christmas lights then read on for some of useful tips for choosing and using the right piece of powered access equipment.


How to choose the right MEWP for the job

If you have decided that a cherry picker is the most suitable piece of equipment for putting up your Christmas display then there are a few things to consider to make sure you get the right working platform for the job:


Are there any space restrictions either on the worksite itself or getting to it? 

If there are you may want to look at a tracked access platform.  These clever cherry pickers wrap up small for transport and can be driven on their self-propelled track to the work position.  Some like the CS170 are even small enough to be driven through a normal sized door.  Once in place their legs unfold and the weight of the MEWP is spread over all four outriggers.


Will there be other vehicles in the work area?

If you are putting up Christmas lights on a street, road or public highway you will probably need to put traffic management in place.  Depending on your local council you may also need a work permit too.  If you would like some help arranging traffic management please just give our hire desk a call and we will be happy to assist.  Small compact cherry pickers like our CTE Z21’s are narrow jacking for easy road side set up without blocking the whole street.


Does the site you are working on have weight restrictions? 

If you are installing Christmas decorations in a shopping mall or any other large indoor area you must check the loading limits on the floor.  If the point loading of the aerial platforms you choose is too high for the floor this may cause damage to the floor and ultimately could affect the stability of the cherry picker.


Interior Christmas Displays

If you are installing indoor Christmas lights you also need an access platform that does not create a risk from exhaust fumes.  Some MEWPs like our Haulotte Star 10 work on a rechargeable battery, some work from mains electricity and other types of powered access like our tracked access cherry pickers work on duel fuel.   If you need to place the star on top of a large Christmas trees inside shopping malls then our Leo 36T will give you up to 35.5m working height.

Completing the job quickly

If you want to speed up the job of putting up Christmas displays in large indoor areas such as the concourse of shopping centres you are likely to have a short time in which to complete the job.  A cherry picker that can be driven whilst the boom is in the air such as our Star 10 will be invaluable for quickly installing your Christmas lights on indoor shopping streets or concourses.


When installing Christmas lights on the public highway you may find a truck mounted cherry picker that can be driven whilst the boom is raised saves you time.  Our Ruthmann 31m has been specially designed for installing street lighting and can be driven whilst the platform is raised with an approximate working height of 8m saving you time because you don’t have to bring the basket down to ground every time you want to re-position the platform.


Reduce the cost with a self drive cherry picker

Want to hire a cherry picker for self drive?  Then our smaller truck mounted cherry pickers such as the Isoli Z21 are ideal.  With a vehicle weight of only 3.5T these can be driven on a normal driving licence.   Your driver needs a current IPAF card or equivalent in the correct category.  You can find out more details on our IPAF training page.

Think-safety first

Tasks performed at height are the biggest cause of serious accidents at work.  It’s important that you risk assess the task AND the site on which it will be performed.  You may be planning your Christmas project months in advance so remember to review your risk assessment as site conditions can change.  If you are hiring one of our operated MEWPs the trained operator will also conduct and record a site based risk assessment prior to starting work.
If you would like to discuss your Christmas light project or would like further advice on the right piece of powered access equipment for your job please contact our hire desk and we will be happy to assist.

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