High level Glazing

With years of experience assisting with high level glazing projects, Elev8 are the first choice for safe work at height and glass lifting for our partners in the glazing industry.  Our fleet of specialist powered access platforms provide up to 104 metres of safe working height, 38 metres of lateral outreach, and can safely lift loads up to 600kg making them ideal for high level glazing projects.

Safe work at height for glazing projects

Glazing is incorporated into all kinds of buildings, with unique design and layouts.  There is an access platform suitable for every site and glazing project including busy city centre buildings with limited set up space, buildings with obstructions in the way or locations where set up space is limited.

Examples of glazing projects Elev8 have provided safe work at height and glass lifting for are:

  • Installing curtain walling
  • High rise glazing projects in busy city centre locations
  • Replacing high level glazing in hotels and commercial office buildings
  • Providing safe work at height for glass refurbishment
  • Fast access solutions for emergency glass repairs
  • Glazing replacement for high rise apartments
  • Providing MEWPs with outreach of up to 38 metres to safely repair glazing on atrium roofs.
Replacing high level glazing with S56XR MEWP in Leeds
P300KS access platform used for high level glass replacement

The advantages of access platforms

TIME SAVING – Access platforms are quick to set up and can be precisely positioned to allow glazing engineers to comfortably work alongside the building.  Hire a MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) with one of our experienced operators and you can concentrate on completing your work speeding up the whole project.


SAFE – Elev8’s fleet of truck mounted access platforms can provide safe work at height up to 104 metres in the air.  MEWPs have permeant fixed guardrails as well as inbuilt safety systems such as self-levelling, load cells, height restrictors and emergency lowering systems.  And with MEWP cage capacities up to 600kg, our powered access platforms can safely lift you, your equipment and glazing panels.


PRECISE POSITIONING & OUTREACH  – The MEWP cage can be precisely positioned exactly where you need to work and quickly moved to a new work position.  Powered access platforms don’t just reach upwards, they reach across and over too.  So if you need to replace glass on a building with an obstruction in the way or reach over an atrium roof, a powered access platform can safely boom you right over to reach the glass you need to replace.

Why use two pieces of lifting equipment when one will do?

For some glazing projects you can save money by using one piece of lifting equipment to safely lift glass technicians and the glazing panels they need.   With safe working loads of up to 400kg, the MEWP cages of our fleet of access platforms can safely lift your glazing engineers as well as the glass and tools they need to complete their project.  Larger glazing units can be secured to the outside of the MEWP cage using a lifting frame or lifted outside of the MEWP cage using a cage winch.

Please remember that ALL lifting projects require proper planning by a qualified and competent person.  If you do not have these skills within your organisation, one of Elev8s in-house contract lifting team can help.

Glass replacement using S70XR access platform in Birmingham

Let Elev8’s experienced contract lifting team plan and safely execute your glass lifting project

Not just experts in access solutions we have our own in-house qualified contract lifting team who can plan, execute, and supervise your glass lifting operation.  Elev8’s contract lifting service takes care of every aspect of the lift on your behalf including:

  • Detailed survey of your glass lifting project
  • Lift plan designed by one of our qualified Appointed Persons
  • Selection and provision of lifting equipment, with a qualified operator
  • Provision of risk assessment and step by step method statement
  • Tested and certified lifting accessories
  • In-house team of qualified lifting professionals to undertake the lift
  • Provision of a qualified Slinger / Signaller
  • Contract lift supervision by a qualified Lift Supervisor
  • Communication method appropriate for your project
  • Traffic Management if required for your project, including obtaining the relevant permits
  • Ground protection if required for your glazing project
High level glass replacement with S70XR access platform with a cage winch

The variety of powered access platforms on offer can be confusing, but the Elev8 team are always on hand to offer advice for the best access solution for your glazing project.  Contact us to discuss your high-level glazing project.