High Level Cleaning & Maintenance

Elev8  are experts at high level access for cleaning and high level building maintenance. In fact high level cleaning is where our company began when our associated company were unable to find a reliable access platform hire company.  The MEWP hire companies we used often let us down by not arriving on time or by sending old and unreliable access platforms.   So we decided to set up Elev8 to supply a source of reliable MEWPs for it’s high level cleaning needs, and from there grew Elev8 Access Platforms.

Specialist MEWPs ideal for high level cleaning

We  have a fleet of specialist MEWPs which are ideal for safe access for all types of high level cleaning.

  • Small truck mounted cherry pickers which are ideal for self-drive, and compact enough for city centre high level cleaning and building maintenance.
  • Tracked access cherry pickers which can be used on rough ground and ideal for high level cleaning or building maintenance jobs where the building faces onto a garden.
  • Operated truck mounted platforms with incredible outreach of up to 38 meters which will allow you to reach over roof tops and other buildings to perform high level building maintenance and cleaning tasks.
  • MEWPs with water hoses fed through the booms to allow you to connect window cleaning reach and wash hoses directly to the MEWP basket avoiding the hazard of trailing hoses.
  • Tracked access platforms that can be used for high level internals.  These clever access platforms can fold up and be driven on their tracks through doorways into buildings.  Once inside they run on electric so that they can be safely used to perform high level building maintenance and cleaning without creating a hazard from fumes.   Tracked access platforms are ideal for safe cleaning of high level internal atriums.
Tracked access cherry picker ideal for use in internal atrims

Safe Efficient High-Level Building Maintenance

Our MEWP hire fleet is available with a specialist operator or for self drive hire for cherry pickers up to 33 meters working height.  Some of the many high level cleaning jobs that can be safely and efficiently done from a MEWP basket are

  • Window cleaning.
  • Gutter Cleaning.
  • Balcony Cleaning.
  • Roof Cleaning.
  • Building façade cleaning.
  • High level Painting.
  • Tree removal.
  • High level glazing repair.


As well as supplying access equipment we have a window cleaning division, and an IRATA trained rope access division.  If you don’t already have a team trained in window cleaning, high-level cleaning or other types of building maintenance our team can complete your  project for you.  Please get in touch to discuss your window cleaning or building maintenance needs.

High level window cleaning from a truck mounted MEWP