Going over the top with a MEWP

One of the things that sets access platforms apart from other forms of access equipment is that they don’t just take you safely UP, they can go ACROSS, UP & OVER and sometimes even DOWNWARDS too.

Here at Elev8 we choose our access platforms very carefully to ensure that they are useful for all sorts of projects involving work at height.  We do a lot of research before purchasing new MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms), looking for safety, reliability, useful features and performance.  Our team are always on the look out for innovative ideas that make our MEWPs more adaptable and capable of providing safe work at height in all sorts of site locations and conditions.

MEWPs with up and over capability

There are some projects and sites where you can’t set up directly below where you need to work.  It may be that there is another building or object in the way, there is no room to set up directly below or that the work position faces over water.  For sites like these the ability to boom the MEWP cage up and over an object is a clever way to safely complete your high-level task.

The ability to move the work cage over and across objects is something you just don’t get from using scaffold or scissor lifts.  This flexible positioning comes from the clever interconnecting design of each section of the boom and the jib.  It is a feature that is available in many of our access platforms, especially the large truck mounted MEWPs.

T720 access platform extending over a roof

Solve your access problems with a MEWP

Going up and over using an access platform can solve all sorts of access problems where it is not possible to set up directly below your work position.  Examples of projects where we have provided a safe access solution by using a MEWP to go up and over an obstacle are:

Bronto 56XR MEWP up and over a roof Sheffield
P640 access platform up and over a roof
Safe access of roof top telecoms equipment using MEWP
P640 MEWP outreach over trees to reach a telecoms antenna Mar22

When you need to access the side of a building that faces directly over water.

When you can’t set up on one side of a building, boom over the top to safely access the opposite side.

Safely access roof top telecoms equipment, or the opposite side of a telecoms mast if you can’t set up below.

Work comfortably at height

If you want to boom over a building but still work in comfort, then our P640 or P750 MEWPs are fantastic access solutions.

These access platforms have 2 x 200° MEWP cage rotation, enabling the work basket to swivel all the way around with the full 3.8m width of the cage alongside the building.

Both these models have a hanging MEWP basket, helping passengers to get closer to their work site.

P640 access platform booming over a roof

Our range of specialist access platforms can supply safe access up to 104 metres in the air, have a lateral outreach of up to 38.5 metres and a negative reach (working below the truck) of 15 metres. If your project requires work at height, please contact us to discuss the best access equipment for your project.   Why not take advantage of our free survey to help you select the best access solution for your project.