Glass Lifting Brackets and Material Lifting Frames

With safe working loads of up to 600 kg many of the MEWPs in our hire fleet are a safe and efficient way of lifting equipment and materials to a work at height job.  Smaller items can be lifted in the MEWP basket along with passengers, but there is often a need to lift bulky materials such as panes of glass or signage which will not safely fit into the MEWP cage.  Our lifting brackets and material lifting frame are perfect for high level glass replacement, signage installation and building cladding repairs.

Glass Lifting Brackets

Here at Elev8 we are always looking for ideas to make our customers work at height safer and more efficient.  One of our glass installation clients regularly replaces very large panes of glass at high level and needed a way to lift both the glass and installation technicians to work from the outside of the building.

To solve our clients need we had glass lifting brackets manufactured (CE certified and LOLER Approved).  They attach to the bottom of the MEWP basket to allow a panel or pane of glass to be safely stowed in them whilst lifting them up to their installation position.

Elev8 glass lifting brackets are suitable for our full range of truck mounted MEWPs.   They can support materials up to 300 kg (subject to the safe working load of the MEWP and other items carried by the MEWP).

If you require lifting brackets to facilitate your work at height please request them from our hire desk team when placing your booking.

Lifting Frame on a MEWP

Material lifting frame

This is a metal frame work that attaches to the MEWP basket.  Bulky materials such as panes of glass, signage or other equipment can be safely secured into the adjustable material lifting frame.  These materials are safely lifted outside the MEWP cage freeing the basket itself for safe lifting of passengers and a safe working platform from which to complete your work at height job.

These material lifting frames can be fitted onto the MEWP basket of truck mounted MEWPs which have a chassis of over 7.5 tonnes.

If you require a material lifting system to facilitate your work at height please request them from our hire desk team when placing your booking.


MEWP lift up system for safely lifting bulky equipment

If you wish to discuss a solution for lifting materials safely then please contact us.