Genie Access Platforms

Genie access platforms are a high quality and functional form of gaining access to elevated positions. As well as those platforms that may be considered standard it is also possible to choose those with smaller or thinner platforms. There are also mobile access platforms with tracks rather than wheels and it is possible to opt either for self powered units or those that require a trailer to ferry them around. Other options include the elevation height, the overhang, and the type of motor used to operate the platform.


If silence is considered important then one with an electric motor to operate the articulating boom will provide the feature that you require. The electric motor is virtually silent and it offers the full range of movement and other features that are required in Genie access platforms so that whatever your use of the working platform you will find one to match that purpose.


Consider the type of access you require. Some working platforms have an overhang that is useful for if you need to get over an object as well as up to a particular height. Alternatively if you need to get to the side of a building or other obstacle without the need to get over that object, then a straight vertical arm and no overhang is essential for your purposes. You should consider all of these before hiring any Genie access platforms.


Genie access platforms are extremely beneficial and useful for various companies who work at height. They are functional and the selection available means that you can find one that meets your precise requirements, whatever they may be. Whether you need a tracked or wheeled, self-powered, or trailered platform. Whether you require a silent operational motor or a platform that can be driven by anybody with a standard driving license you will find a Genie to suit.


 Elev8 offer competitive prices on quality platform hire and we are one of the leading suppliers of Genie access platforms in Sheffield. 0845 274 3627.


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