Free Site Surveys

Here at Elev8 Access Platforms we offer our customers a free site survey to help you select which lifting solution, powered access equipment or traffic management scheme is the is the right one for both your project and site conditions.

Access equipment surveys

If your project involves working at height you may benefit from our free site survey to select the best piece of access equipment to complete your project safely and efficiently.

One of our IPAF trained surveyors will discuss your project with you, and many need to visit your place of work to assess site conditions and speak to you about the high-level task you want to perform.  They will be able to recommend which of our MEWPs will allow you to safely complete your project.  You can find out more about our fleet of specialist access platforms here.

P640 access platform providing safe access on a wind farm

Ground Testing

Assessing site ground conditions where MEWPs will set up is a very important part of working safely with access platforms.  For some sites the load bearing capacity of the ground is not known which means that testing is required before deciding which access solution is safest for your job.

Here at Elev8 we offer a testing service where the maximum ground bearing pressure that the surface will support is established using a portable handheld falling weight Deflectometer.  As well as establishing that ground conditions are safe for setting up MEWP outriggers the Deflectometer can also be used to check the quality of a compacted surface created to support tracked access equipment.

To find out more about this service please click here.

Contract lift surveys

Lifting operations should be planned by an experienced and competent person with adequate training, knowledge and skills for the task.   When you use Elev8’s contract lifting service you can rest assured that one of our experienced and qualified Appointed Person’s plans every project.

There are many factors to consider when planning a lift.  The site where the lift will take place, ground conditions, environmental conditions and of course the load itself.   Our experienced team take all of this into consideration when designing a bespoke safe lifting plan specifically for your project.

You can find lots more detail about our contract lifting service here.

Contract lift with Liebherr MK140 crane

Engineering Solutions

For sites with advanced health and safety requirements we offer tailored engineering solutions to provide you with access and lifting solutions for your site.  Examples of industries which we supply this service for are:

  • On shore Renewables
  • Off shore Renewables
  • Industries governed by COMAH regulations
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refinery
  • Industrials
  • Nuclear
  • Shipping
  • Construction
  • Ports

  You can find more detail about Elev8 engineering solutions here.



Decommission of boiler house pipes

Traffic Management Surveys

Elev8 traffic management service is National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) 12d stage 1 & 2 certified.  Our team hold all NHSS 12d qualifications so you can rest assured that the traffic management we provide is fully compliant with the current standards.

An experienced member of our team surveys each traffic management project and creates a bespoke traffic management plan for your site using CAD.  Our traffic management designs are safe and practical ensuring traffic disruption is kept to a minimum, and that both traffic and pedestrians are safely managed whilst you work.

You can find more detail about our traffic management service here.


Traffic management service providing road closures

If your project involves lifting, work at height or traffic management then please get in touch.  Our experienced team will discuss the details of your project and suggest a plan for safely delivering your project.  If your project involves multiple services why not contact us about the savings you can make with a bespoke package of Elev8 services.