Film & TV Production

Access platforms are an ideal for use with aerial filming.   They are a safe and solid platform, which can be quickly and smoothly repositioned to ensure that all the action is captured on film.

Here at Elev8 our IPAF trained MEWP Operators are experienced at providing the right access solution for high level filming.  We have supplied access platforms for many projects including filming movies, major sporting events & filming news as it happens.

Elev8 believe in investing in MEWPs and attachments to help our film & TV production customers film aerial footage safely and efficiently.  MEWPs from our fleet can be hired with the following attachments designed specifically for filming from access platforms:


Camera Mounts & Camera cage

The access platform basket provides a comfortable and solid surface for the camera operator, and the camera itself can be mounted onto the camera mount built onto the MEWP cage of a selection of our access platforms.  This gives a safe and steady mounting for camera equipment.


Our specialist camera cage has been specifically designed to fit onto our Bronto range of MEWPs.  This is a revolving camera cage which makes filming the all-round perspective easy and smooth for your camera person.







Mounting Lighting rigs

Light up your film set by attaching a lighting rig to one of our MEWP baskets.   With safe working loads of up to 600 kgs our fleet of access platforms are the perfect choice for providing a high-level light to your film set.  Lighting rigs can also be set up on one of our tracked access platforms which are suitable for use on rough ground as well as being useful for filming high level work inside buildings.

Aerial film work with camera mounted to a MEWP basket
Camera Cage Bronto
Access platform providing over head lighting for film work


If you would like any further information on how we can assist you with safe aerial film and TV production, please contact us.

Lighting rig mounted to a tracked access cherry picker