Essential Access Platform Safety Factors

Posted on: June 29th, 2017

Mobile elevating platform safety is essential within the workplace. The machinery must be properly managed and planned, allowing operations to have the correct safety measures in place to ensure safety to onsite workers. The importance of learning about the dangers and risks is essential when using the machinery in order to carry out operations safely.

Mobile Elevating Platform Hazards

The risk factors when handling mobile elevating platforms are listed below:


Overturning: Due to the size of most elevating platforms the machine may overturn throwing the operator from the basket. So be cautious when turning the vehicle should be carried out in a controlled manner, allowing full safety to the operator.


Falling: An operator falling from the basket is a major risk factor, so it’s important that the operator has safety measures in place. Such as the operator wearing a harness with a short restraint lanyard which must be secured to a suitable manufacturer provided anchorage point.


Collision: It’s important to assess the risk factor with the machine colliding with pedestrians, overhead cables or nearby vehicles. A risk assessment would need to be carried out to eliminate any of these factors from occurring.


Outriggers: Outriggers must be extended and checked before raising the platform.


Guardrails: Making sure the elevating platforms are fitted with effective guard rails and toe boards.


Falling objects: Falling objects may occur when an operator may be carrying out work on the elevating platform. Creating an extended barrier around the platform should protect passing workers or pedestrians from getting struck with a falling object.


Ground conditions: The platform should be used on firm ground, preventing the platform from sinking. Leading to the access platform becoming stuck and may become unstable, risking the safety of the operator.


Weather: Weather conditions are a risk factor, as conditions such as strong winds can tilt platforms and make them unstable.  It’s important to make sure wind speeds are safe when operating the machine.  

Handling materials: It’s important to handle materials with precaution, assessing the weight and dimensions of all materials. Risks such as load distribution issues and the handling of materials can be planned accordingly by looking at maximum load weight set by the manufacturer of the machine.


All Elev8 access platform operators are trained in accordance with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007If you would like more information on mobile elevating platforms, contact us today for friendly expert advice.


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