Elev8 Provides Access Platform Training to Wind Farm Technicians

Posted on: April 14th, 2016

Access Platform Rescue Training

The Elev8 team have been very busy running training courses for wind farm technicians.  Our client performs wind farm maintenance in remote locations which are often a long way from an engineer if someone on the ground needs to bring the access platform down to ground in an emergency.


Each brand and model of access platform has more than one emergency lowering method which are used in different circumstances and these vary across different MEWP Manufacturers.  The operating manual is helpful, but can be difficult to understand if you are not a trained and experienced access platform operator.  Typically some of our larger access platforms such as our P900 are used to get the working heights needed to reach a wind turbine blade, meaning the operator may be 90m away in the air, a long way from an appointed person on the ground!


Our Sheffield Depot Manager along with a team of our most experienced access platform operators put together a training course in emergency rescue, and spent two days training a number of wind farm technicians who will be working with and alongside Elev8 MEWPs this summer.  The technicians were taught which lowering method is appropriate in different circumstances and given practical training in how to execute each method on the access platforms they will be working with on the wind farms.

Access Platform Hire and Training

Here at Elev8 we are always willing to work in partnership with our clients to put the safety of both your and our employees first.  If you would like information on our hire fleet and how Elev8 can work with you to make sure your work at height done safely please contact us.



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