Elev8 at Vertikal Days 2015

Posted on: May 13th, 2015

Our Teupen Leo 36T tracked access platform is loaded up and ready to travel to Vertikal Days 2015.  Held at Haydock Park in Merseyside, Vertikal Days is one of the best access platform trade shows in the country, featuring all the latest and best products and equipment in the access platform hire industry.

The Leo 36T is more versatile than a bulky boom lift this clever 36meter spider has a compact design which can fit though standard double doors to access work sites with narrow access such as internal courtyards. 

It also has an adjustable track system that is capable of raising the ground clearance and allows the platform  to cross rough terrain and be set up in off road locations.  Automatic safety systems monitor the setup functions and the ground pressure enabling safe high level access on uneven ground.  Because this access machine includes an automatic outrigger leveling system, varied outrigger heights are not a problem.

With a safe working height of up to 35.5 meters and horizontal outreach of up to 15.6 meters we can see this MEWP being really useful for many high level operations including tree work, window cleaning, work at height on rough terrain such as for telecommunication masts or wind farms.

The point load per outrigger plate is a maximum of 35.0 KN making it ideal for setting up on surfaces that a truck mounted platform would be too heavy for.

Spider Access Platforms

There are only a handful of these spiders in the country, and so if you would like the opportunity to have a demonstration of this cherry pickers technical capabilities then come along and find us at Vertikal Days. 

In addition to the Teupen Leo 36T, we stock a wide range of spider access platforms for hire, contact us today for a quote. 


Teupen Leo 36T Access Platform



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