Uses of Spider Tracked Access Platforms

Posted on: October 29th, 2015


Dont be scared of spiders Landscape with fangs

When you look at the legs of a tracked access platform you can see why they earned the nickname spider.  They bear an uncanny resemblance to our arachnid friends.

Are you a little bit scared of spiders? Here are just a few reasons why you should grow to love them…..




  1. They are useful when the floor or ground has weight restrictions.

One of the many advantages of tracked access platforms is that they tend to be lighter than truck mounted cherry pickers and other types of MEWPs.  This means they are very handy when the load limits on the floor or ground are restricted.  This is just one of the traits that make them ideal for high level access work inside buildings.

They are mounted on tracks and when in transport position the weight of the machine is spread over the whole of the track which is in contact with the ground.    This can be very helpful when the entrance to an area has weight restrictions, for example an entrance door to an internal atrium.

Tracked Access Indoors

  1. They wrap up nice and small and can get into all sorts of places

The legs of a tracked access cherry picker wrap up nice and small and fold neatly away when in travelling position.  They are then driven on their tracks and are small enough to access work sites that truck mounted cherry pickers cannot reach.  They can even go through doors!  To see this in action have a look at the bottom our CS170 web page.

And just like the common spider their legs move outward using hydraulics so they can be positioned ready for use.

  1. They are great for use inside buildings

Some like our CS170 are duel fuel and can be switched to running on electric when used indoors to avoid the risk of diesel fumes building up indoors.  When stowed in their travelling position they can fit through entrance doors making them useful for high level building maintenance, the painting of high level internals and many other inside jobs that require a piece of lifting equipment to access them.

Tracked Cherry Pickers indoors

  1. They can set up in tricky positions

The clever out rigger positioning technology on tracked access platforms such as our Teupen Leo 36T and Leo 25T plus mean that the outriggers are stable even with a height difference of up to 1.2m.  Very useful when setting up on slopes, in confined spaces or when there is an obstacle in the way.

  1. They can be used on rough terrain

Some tracked access cherry pickers such as our Leo 25T plus are able to adjust their height during travelling position so they can cross rough terrain.  This makes them especially useful for outdoor applications such as tree care work.

And others are able to drive up slopes or even steps when in travelling position making even the most difficult of work sites accessible.

Tracked Cherry Picker Outdoor

Available for operated or self-drive hire (with an IPAF  PAL Category 1b card or similar).  If you would like some advice on which tracked access platform to choose please contact our hire desk.




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