Don’t be scared of spiders!

Tracked access platforms are often referred to as spiders because when the outriggers are deployed they have an uncanny resemblance to our arachnid friends.

Are you a little bit scared of spiders?  If you need to work safely at height here are a seven reasons why you should grow to love them…..

Leo25T tracked access platform travelling through doorway

1. Small and compact they can get into all kinds of places

Tracked access platforms are very compact when in travelling position which means they can access locations that other powered access machines can’t get to. Their legs fold neatly away and they can be driven to the set up location on self propelled tracks.  Tracked access MEWPS are perfect for sites where access is limited but you need to work at high-level, for example internal atriums or internal courtyards.

Our Teupen Leo23GT powered access platform is just 0.98m wide and 1.98m high in travelling position allowing it to fit through many entrance doors.  Once inside it gives up to 23 metres of working height, a brilliant access solution when you need to work at high level inside a building.

Leo23GT tracked access platform high level internal atrium cleaning

2. Tracked access platforms are light on their feet

One of the many advantages of tracked access platforms is that they tend to be lighter than other types of cherry pickers, making them useful on sites with restricted load limits.

When driven on their tracks the weight of the machine is spread over the section of track in contact with the ground, very helpful when you need to travel over floors with weight restrictions, for example crossing the floor of an internal atrium.

Tracked assess platforms are relatively light compared to other types of MEWPS of similar working heights.  When set up on their outriggers the pressure exerted on the ground is much lower than that of a truck mounted cherry picker, enabling them to be safely used on some internal floors and ground with weight restrictions.

You still need to check the load limits of the ground to ensure it can take the weight of the tracked access platform and should always use appropriate spreader boards.

Tracked access platform over a swimming pool

3. Fantastic for working at height indoors

We have already mentioned that tracked access cherry pickers are lighter than most MEWPS of similar height and that in transport position they fit through many building doors.  But the reasons to use tracked access platforms for working at height indoors don’t end there.

Our tracked access platforms work on dual fuel, meaning they can run on diesel outdoors, but for use indoors you can power them with electric avoiding harm from diesel fumes

And if that is not amazing enough tracked access platforms don’t just reach up, they reach across too meaning you can reach over obstacles and position the MEWP cage exactly where you need to work.

Leo 25Tplus tracked access platform

4. Tracked access platforms are agile

Just like a living spider, tracked access platforms are agile.  As well as reaching upwards, they can also safely reach laterally across.  The MEWP cage can be positioned in many precise working positions making them ideal for working around and over existing structures or reaching into far flung corners.

Unlike a tower scaffold the MEWP cage can be repositioned whilst the passengers are on board, speeding up tasks where frequent changes of position are required such as high level painting or cleaning.

Leo 25T tracked access platform set up in two internal atriums

5. They can set up in tricky locations

Elev8 tracked access platforms have very clever out rigger positioning technology.

A fully hydraulic levelling system with outrigger set up monitoring allow them to be set up in complicated locations such as slopes, or where there are obstacles in the way.

Projects with limited set up space are not a problem for our tracked access platforms.  They have variable outrigger systems allowing one-side or both-side narrow set up options which allow them to be safely set up in more complicated configurations.

Leo 36T tracked access platform set up on a slope

6. Tracked access platforms can be used on rough terrain

Elev8 tracked access MEWPs have variable track height adjustments which enables them to be driven in transport position on some slopes and hills whilst staying stable and level.

The mechanical height and width adjustable track system of our tracked access platforms allows more ground clearance when driving over rough terrain, ideal if your project takes place on rough ground.

Once at the set-up location, our tracked access platforms have a fully hydraulic levelling system with outrigger set up monitoring which allows them to be set up on complicated ground conditions.

Tracked access platform being loaded onto Elev8s delivery vehicle for transport to site

7. Available for self-drive hire or with an operator

Our tracked access cherry pickers are available for hire with one of our IPAF qualified MEWP Operators or for self -drive cherry picker hire if you have a qualified operator.

With up to 36 metres of working height tracked cherry pickers are incredibly versatile and useful MEWPs.  Our range of specialised tracked access platforms have lots of features to help you safely work at height.


You can find more details about our range of tracked access platforms available for hire here.  If you need help choosing the right piece of access equipment for your project please contact us and we will be happy to help you.