Deflection Testing

That the ground can take the load of a MEWPs outrigger is vitally important to the safe operation of access platforms. Collapse or movement of the surface which a MEWP is set up on can lead to a very serious accident. Assessing the work site ground conditions is a very important part of working safely with access platforms.


However sometimes the load bearing capacity of the ground is not known, which means that it needs to be tested before deciding which MEWP is safest and most suitable for your job.


Here at Elev8 we offer a testing service where the maximum ground bearing pressure that the surface will support is established using a portable handheld falling weight Deflectometer. This clever piece of portable equipment is able to measure the maximum ground bearing pressure that the surface will support, allowing our surveyor to establish which MEWP and what size of spreader plate are required to perform the job safely.


As well as establishing that ground conditions are safe for setting up MEWP outriggers the Deflectometer can also be used to check the quality of a compacted surface created to support tracked access equipment.


To find out more about our ground testing service please contact us.