Truck & Van Mounted Platforms

From our Sheffield Headquarters, Elev8 specialise in the very largest HGV truck mounted platforms, supplied across the UK with our highly trained and experienced operators to a variety of end users, including TV work, sports productions, ports, cargo centres, construction and heavy industry.

Our ongoing investment year on year has given us the most modern and well maintained fleet of truck mounted platforms in the UK. With annual investment well into the multi-millions we have been able to provide our clients with the latest up to date machines. The distinctive clean bronze and gold livery sets our working platforms aside from our competitors and will ensure that a very professional image is portrayed to your clients when you hire one of our HGV truck mounts.

Our van mount fleet, which can be hired either with an operator or on a self-drive basis, (given the correct IPAF qualification), ranges from 33 metre machines down to 17 metre small trucks mounted on Nissan cabstars. The self drive option gives you the flexibility to utilise the machines on multiple jobs and hopefully save you money as you go. We also offer operated platform hire.

For more access platforms, see our spider rental options to see our other hire options for your needs. If you need any help or advice contact us now.


Palfinger P900 Powered Access Platform

  The Palfinger P900 Top class powered access platform offers amazing options for reaching high level workplaces.  This truck mounted cherry picker has an impressive working height of 90m making it a good choice for wind turbine maintenance, high level access in heavy industry, high level work in ports and on docks.   The jib boom on […]

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Ruthmann T720

The Ruthmann T720 is the latest in specification and design at 72meter it is the biggest machine in its class for height. Only a handful of companies can supply access platforms at this height in Europe and we are pleased to offer our 72 meter Ruthmann to you.

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Wumag T700 Working Platform

The WUMAG WT700 working platform is the class leading 70 meter truck mount on the planet. Only a handful of companies can supply access platforms at this height in Europe and we are pleased to offer our 70 meter Wumag to you. Built for massive stable height performance and finished in our distinctive Bronze livery, this mobile […]

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Bronto Skylift S56XR

  With a maximum working height of 56m and a side reach of up to 38.5m this MEWP has fast and extremely accurate boom movements coupled with smooth and comfortable cage levelling.  Part of the “eXtreme Reach” range this machine weighs less, has a lower fuel consumption and more envelope coverage per tonne.  The largest […]

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Bronto S50 XDT-J | 50m Truck Mount straight with fly jib

The new Bronto S50 XDTJ has moved the goalposts in terms of up and over outreach for this type of truck mounted access platform. A first with the three stage fly boom gives unparalleled up and over reach of 16 metres at 33metres high. Finished in our distinctive Bronze livery, this access working platform is […]

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Ruthmann T460 – Cherry Pickers for Hire

Following on from Ruthmann’s successful multi-bend boom construction, once more we have a cherry picker for hire that has World Class performance for the 18 tonne chassis it is mounted on. 30 metre outreach on an 18 tonne chassis is a record. This machine is the perfect tool to city centre work, being relatively lightweight […]

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Ruthmann Steiger T 380

Ruthmann truck-mounted aerial platforms are renowned for their reliability and creative technology.  The T380 has a working height of 38m and a truly impressive lateral outreach of 31m. With a maximum working cage load of 600kg, the working platform can be hydraulically extended from 2.42m to 3.82m .  The work cage is fitted with as […]

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Bronto 34 MDT | 34m Truck Mounted Access Platform

The 34metre Bronto is the industry standard for access platforms. This is one of our most popular access platforms sold to date and available for you from Elev8. Take a look at all of our truck mounted access platform machines, we have an excellent range that will be suitable for any kind of project, big or […]

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Ruthmann T330 – Mobile Access Platforms

The New Ruthmann T330 has raised the bar again in the 7.5 tonne range! The Ruthmann T330 is the largest truck mount working platform on our fleet available SELF OPERATED, and as far as we know, the largest truck mounted working platform offered for self-drive in the UK. Unbelievable outreach and super smooth movement on […]

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Ruthmann TK310 – Access Platforms For Hire

This machine has a drive and use function meaning that you can operate the fly-jib without having to drop the outriggers, so if you are street lighting contractors, you can have one person driving the truck, whilst another person can be in the basket operating the fly-jib to replace street lights. The main boom will not move making it perfectly safe, but the fly-jib is large enough to reach a street light. This means less traffic management, less encroachment onto other traffic lanes, this will save you £1000’s over a year on hiring smaller machines that need to drop their outriggers to set up.

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TB220 | 22m Truck Mounted Access Platform

This truck mount machine is lightning fast to set up! It is absolutely the correct machine for Motorway bridge inspections, traffic light, traffic signs and gantry maintenance, as it can half jack / narrow jack and if necessary just rear jack for straight up operations (as shown in the picture above). From wheels to jacked […]

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CTE Z21 JH – Access working platforms

The new CTE Z21 JH cherry picker for hire offers a jacking set up on H frame as opposed to A-frame. These access working platforms give the client variable jacking to suit tight conditions. The articulating boom allows for great up and over capabilities and is ideal for sign installation and roof application. The major […]

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CTE Z21 | 21m Truck Mount Articulated

Due to the New Addition of the Fly Jib this is Fantastic for Tree surgeons who need to “stitch” themselves in and amongst the branches, yet have a solid machine to keep them safe. Narrow jacking allows for easy road side set up without blocking a whole street.  The Z boom on this truck mount […]

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Isoli Z21 | 21m Truck Mount – Access Platform Rental

STANDARD DEVICES Proportional hydraulic controls mounted in the cage with the ability to carry out several operations simultaneously, ground controls also provided for emergency manoeuvres on this cherry picker. Outrigger controls on the truck body Overload device in the cage Check valves on all hydraulics This access platform rental has interlocking safety device between outriggers […]

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CTE Z19 Operated or Self-Drive Cherry Picker

The CTE is an excellent option for those who wish to hire a self drive cherry picker.  Mounted on a 3.5 ton truck chassis this powered access platform can be driven on a normal driving licence.  This small truck mount cherry picker has a working height of 19m and working outreach of up to 8m.  […]

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