Access Platform Hire

Access platforms are an item of equipment that are required and used when access is restricted – typically by way of height. There are various types of access platforms for hire available with many different options which means that whatever the application and whatever your specific requirements you can find and choose suitably efficient mobile access platforms. Consider the uses and the specific features that you need from your access platform because this will help ensure that you choose the best available equipment for the job.


Application of Working Platforms

Consider how you will be using the boom platform in order to help ascertain the best type of platform for your needs. If you are using the platform for forestry then you should choose a platform with tracks rather than wheels. If you are dealing with signage and you require overhang then make sure that the basket you choose has the necessary overhang so that you can gain the needed access.


Platform Rental Options

As well as choosing the necessary style of boom, such as an articulating boom or a telescoping boom, and type of trailer you should also consider additional options. Think about whether a standard basket will suffice. Baskets have a maximum capacity as well as the dimensions to consider and if you choose one that is not entirely appropriate for purpose then you may regret your decision, bear this in mind when choosing your access platform hire.

At Elev8 we have one of the biggest selection of cherry picker hire options across the UK and are leaders in providing high quality working platforms to contractors and councils.


Why Hire Working Platforms from Elev8?

You can, of course, buy equipment like boom lifts and scissor lifts but they are highly specialised forms of equipment and few companies, organisations, or businesses require such regular use of these lifts to warrant buying them. Access platform hire means that you can access high quality, modern equipment, without having to pay the cost of purchasing, additional costs to maintain the equipment, or any other costs that may be associated with owning access platforms.

Hire your next access platform from Elev8 to benefit from competitive prices on high quality access equipment, including small cherry picker hire and WUMAG hire.

If you have any queries about our access platforms for hire, or if you want to discuss what they best platform rental option would be for your project, please contact us today.

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