CS170 | 17m Spider Access Platforms

Working Height
Total Weight
Cage Extension
Platform Height
Truck Height
Cage Capacity
Lateral Outreach
Truck Length
Cage Rotation
Cage Dimensions
1.3 x 0.7 x 1.1m
Siting Inclination
0 deg
MAX Loading
Jib Angle
90 deg

CS170 | 17m Spider Access Platforms Facts

CTE – CS170 Traccess – The CS170 is CTE’s Mid-range Spider Platform

Based on the highly successful CTE Range of powered access platforms, the CS170 has the same boom structure of the truck mounted access platform but mounted on a sturdy crawler base. This spider rental has a Bi-fuel engine, where it can run on 110V electricity or Petrol engine.

The spider rental is a unit with a very small base but a platform with a large cage and excellent working envelope. The cage can be readily removed to allow the unit to pass through a single standard doorway.

Offering 17m of working height and  7.5m of working outreach, 90 degree each way cage rotation, a light transit weight, and small footprint but at the same time a 200 kg payload throughout the whole working envelope.

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Weight: very low weight relative to other machines at 2080Kgs, making transport easy and also where floor loadings are low, a great tool to work indoors
Transport: Transportable on a trailer or a Beaver tail
Noise: Almost silent operation when used on the electric engine
Tracks: Hydraulic A – Frame outriggers are set up via levers in a short amount of time
Reliability: Non Marking tracks for indoor work Great for off road capabilities for Tree Surgeons for example
Controls: he controls are exactly the same as the truck mount CTE trucks making a transition from operating CTE trucks to CTE Spider Machines very easy
Fly Jib: The machine benefits from a 2 meter fly jib which is great for up and over work, so ideal for roofer and gutter maintenance
Size: This machine transports on tracks at an incredible 780mm wide and 2meter high. Meaning at access through a normal size door is very easy
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